How to Satisfy Your Bread Cravings If You’re Trying to Quit Carbs

Is butter a carb?

By Chanel Dror
Camille Styles, best pizza in Austin, Bufalina

If you know me, you know two things to be true. One, I love carbs — forget sweets, bread is my guilty pleasure. And two, my digestive system hates carbs — the more processed, the harder it is for my body to digest breads and certain grains. So what’s a girl to do?

While I still indulge in my cravings on occasion, I’ve spent the last few years identifying foods that satisfy my starchy needs without totally messing me up, not to mention, they are better for my waistline as well!

To me, a healthy diet is all about balance, and these savory foods are the trick to eating deliciously, without compromising the way you feel.

image by Kristen Kilpatrick

rice cakes toppings

When you’re craving toast…

Rice Cakes.

Your avocado toast, your peanut butter toast, your hummus toast — they taste just as yummy on top of a rice cake, promise! Around the Camille Styles office, we love these Thin Stackers, which are slimmer rice cakes, and make less of a crumbly mess.

homemade tuna nori hand rolls

When you’re craving crackers…

Seaweed Snacks.

Did you do a double take on this one? It might sound crazy, but over the last year, seaweed snacks have become a major part of my pantry! They’re salty and crunchy, and pair well with just about anything you’d slather on top of a buttery, not-so-healthy cracker. Surprisingly, seaweed snacks don’t fall apart easily either, making them the perfect taco-like vessel for avocado, cheese, or anything else your tummy desires.

When you’re craving tacos…

Cabbage, Bib Lettuce & Other Greens.

I try to limit my taco-gorging to once a week, which means that on the other six days out of the week, I have to find other creative ways to satisfy my very real, very Austin-y craving. Forget what you thought you knew about “lettuce wraps” that fall apart and make a drippy mess. Choosing the right green makes all the difference in this scenario. Butter lettuce is good, cabbage is even better, and my new favorite, collard green leaves make for sturdy, amazing wraps!

crispy chickpea flour pizza/flatbread crust

When you’re craving pizza…

Paleo Pizza Crust.

Does anything compare to the real thing? Many would argue no. But I find that turning to one of the healthier alternatives out there typically does the job. If it tastes good and it saves me from indulging in something that I know will upset my stomach, that’s a win in my book. Grain free pizza crusts can be made from scratch from products like chickpea flour and cauliflower rice, or in many stores, it can be purchased already made and ready to be topped!

gluten free cauliflower tabbouleh

When you’re craving a grain bowl…

Cauliflower Rice.

I have bags of frozen organic riced cauliflower in my freezer at all times, the reason being that it is such a great base for a chipotle style grain bowl or stir-fried rice dish. I’ve yet to find a flavor combination that cauliflower rice doesn’t work with, so this is one carb replacement that comes highly recommended!