Move Over Avocado Toast—Why Everyone’s Going Crazy for This Buzzy Food Trend

Hello, sweet potato. Goodbye, bread.

By Bridget Chambers
Avocado Sweet Potato Toast

The day I had feared finally arrived… I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance last year. As an avid bread lover and eater, it felt like life as I knew it was over. While I still haven’t been able to maintain a 100% gluten-free diet, I miss the simple luxury of toast. Plain toast with butter is one of the most underrated breakfast foods, in my opinion. Enter sweet potato toast. 

I will forever be grateful to those creative chefs out there that turn cauliflower into pizza, kale into chips, and sweet potatoes into bread. AND make it easy for amateur chefs like me to do so, too. 

If you have yet to hear about the genius that is sweet potato toast, it is basically a thin slice of baked sweet potato used as a base for all of your favorite toppings instead of bread. Even if you aren’t gluten-free, sweet potato toast is a great way to satisfy carb cravings in a nutrient-dense way. The best part? There are endless flavor combos for every meal of the day.

Save this post for the next time you reach for a loaf of bread to make your daily avocado toast, and give one of these ten sweet potato toast recipes a try.   

Sweet Potato Toast with Avocado and Sprouts by The Food Network

Why We Love It: If you’re like me and still have avocado toast for breakfast almost every day, this is the perfect entry-way recipe for you to try. It’s as easy as the real thing, especially if you pre-make your sweet potato toast, and just as good. I love the crunch that the radishes in this recipe add, but feel free to add whatever toppings you are used to. I’m personally partial to keeping it simple with olive oil and Everything but the Bagel Seasoning

Hero Ingredient: Avocado, duh. 

PB&B Sweet Potato Toast

PB&B Sweet Potato Toast by Tasty

Why We Love It: This recipe is my favorite of Tasty’s Sweet Potato Toast 9 Ways. Peanut Butter toast is my comfort food, and this recipe takes it to the next level. This is probably the easiest recipe on the list, but one of my favorites. Use your favorite nut butter, I use cashew butter, and top with banana and cinnamon (I also love this recipe with strawberries or blueberries). If you’re wanting something sweet, drizzle on some honey, too, it’s a game-changer. 

Hero Ingredient: The dash of cinnamon goes a long way.

sweet potato crostini

Sweet Potato Crostini 3 Ways by Camille Styles

Why We Love It: Camille says it best: you won’t even miss bread with these sweet potato crostini. Think of these as mini sweet potato toasts so you can try out more flavor combinations at a time. All three combinations start with herbed goat cheese and then are piled with either smoked salmon + chive, pear + honey + thyme, or pomegranate seeds + candied pecans, but use whatever toppings you have on hand.

Hero Ingredient: Goat cheese. Always goat cheese. 

Egg and Spinach Sweet Potato Toast

Spinach and Egg Sweet Potato Toast by Eating Well

Why We Love It: When I finally mastered the art of the fried egg, it was game over. In my opinion, you can top anything with a fried egg and it will be delicious: pizza, a burger, pasta, you name it. This sweet potato toast recipe is no exception. If you’re looking for a protein and veggie-packed breakfast, this is the meal for you. If you’re looking to make it even simpler and are in a time crunch, I recommend swapping the cooked spinach for arugula or other mixed greens or top with scrambled eggs and bacon. 

Hero Ingredient: That perfectly cooked fried egg.

Hummus Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet Potato Toast with Hummus, Radish, and Sunflower Sprouts by the Washington Post

Why We Love It: This recipe is so delicious that it hurts I only discovered it recently. Hummus is another one of those foods that go great with almost everything, but it shocked me how perfectly it tastes with sweet potato. I don’t make my own hummus, as this recipe suggests, but I never skip out on adding the crunchy chickpeas to my store-bought hummus and you shouldn’t either. 

Hero Ingredient: The crispy chickpeas, 100%.

Crispy Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Yogurt, Herbs, and Everything Spice

Crispy Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Yogurt, Herbs, and Everything Spice by Camille Styles

Why We Love It: This bake and sear method is Camille’s favorite way to get really crispy roasted sweet potatoes and use them as toast. The honey and butter mixture gets the potatoes perfectly caramelized, and that, plus the freshness of the toppings, makes for a flavor explosion you’ll crave every day.

Hero Ingredient: Oh, honey. 

Mediterranean Sweet Potato Toast

Mediterranean-Style Sweet Potato Toast by The Mediterranean Dish

Why We Love It: Now we’re getting fancy. The Mediterranean Diet is all the rage right now, and this toast makes me think that I could do it forever. Don’t let this recipe intimidate you, it is way easier than you think and I bet you already have most, if not all, of the ingredients. Eat for lunch, serve as an appetizer, make for dinner, this fresh dish will be your summer obsession. 

Hero Ingredient: Two words: Tahini sauce.

Smoked Salmon and Guac Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet Potato Toast with Smoked Salmon and Guacamole by The Ex Perfectionist

Why We Love It: Bagels & Lox, meet Smoked Salmon and Guacamole. Smoked Salmon lovers, this is the recipe for you. Keep the guac simple with just lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste for the easiest breakfast, lunch, or appetizer. I am not a huge smoked salmon girl, but the recipe recommends swapping the salmon for black beans as a vegan option, and that variation is now one of my go-to lunches. You can also use this toast by Camille for inspo, just swap out the bread for sweet potato. 

Hero Ingredient: Simple guacamole. 

Sweet Potato Toast with Cream Cheese

Sweet Potato Toast With Cream Cheese and Veggies by EatWell101

Why We Love It: Given the chance, I would eat a bagel with cream cheese every single day. However, this recipe satisfies my cravings every time. My favorite out of the three veggie options is definitely the sliced cucumbers, and I add Everything but the Bagel Seasoning, as well (I add this to almost everything I make… oops). 

Hero Ingredient: More cream cheese, please.

Sweet Potato Toast with Ricotta and Berries

Sweet Potato Toast With Ricotta, Berries, Honey, and Almonds by The Food Network

Why We Love It: Ricotta and berries are a match made in heaven. Drizzle with honey and you’ve got yourself a flavor combo that you’ll dream about. This easy topping combo is something I like to have on lazy weekend mornings to make myself feel like I’m at a 5-star hotel getting breakfast in bed. Fun fact, ricotta is actually really easy to make, so if you’re feeling fancy, follow this recipe and make it from scratch.

Hero Ingredient: Dreamy honey-drizzled ricotta.

Got other ideas? Comment your favorite way to eat sweet potato toast below.

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