Wild Mushrooms, Sautéed Kale & Eggs

By Julia Gartland
Kale, eggs and wild mushrooms = NOM city

Perfect way to perk up simple egg breakfast - add wild mushrooms and kale!

Some mornings I can’t quite muster up the energy for pancakes or something more involved than eggs & toast. It’s days like that where the simplest additions like wild mushrooms will go such a long way (for your meal and your mood.) Besides having that famous umami flavor that will transform any dish, Maitake mushrooms are a nutritional powerhouse. I doubt you’ll even notice how healthy this is, because it tastes too good to care. Perfect for slow mornings on slow weekends when you need a special touch.

Kale, eggs and wild mushrooms = NOM city

Maitake mushrooms and kale makes eggs so much cooler and way more delicious.


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  1. Ann Davis-Rowe says:

    This is one of those great recipes I could have figured out on my own, but having someone else say it makes much more sense (: So easy and tasty!

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