Articles from Julia

Strawberry Buckwheat Porridge with Cocoa Crumbles

Thanks to the arrival of summer’s heat, there’s no way I’m turning on my oven or firing up the stove. These next few months will be all about salads and smoothies (even when the AC is blasting). That’s why I love this porridge so much: it’s the summer version of your morning oatmeal, with a crunchy, chocolate-y topping. I […]

Passion Fruit Chia Pudding

We’re having some unseasonably cold weather here in NYC… and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s totally over it. Although I’m not quite ready for the humidity of summer, the bright and lovely produce of the warmer months is sounding pretty heavenly right now. In rebellion, I’m eating tropical fruit chia pudding like it’s 80 […]

Spring Onion & Feta Frittata

Spring is in the air! Or at least in my farmer’s market. Even though it has been rainy and cold here in New York, I’m relishing the greener spring vegetables finally available at the market. As it happens each season, I’m completely over all heavy, winter foods and looking forward to light and colorful meals […]

Wild Mushrooms, Sautéed Kale & Eggs

Some mornings I can’t quite muster up the energy for pancakes or something more involved than eggs & toast. It’s days like that where the simplest additions like wild mushrooms will go such a long way (for your meal and your mood.) Besides having that famous umami flavor that will transform any dish, Maitake mushrooms […]

Healthy Apple Tart with Oat & Almond Crust

Who says that January means ridding our homes of sweets entirely? I’m a proponent of finding healthy options that satisfy my sweet tooth (which is relentless this time of year) and also happen to be guilt-free. And these cold months certainly call for something warm and delicious. This breakfast tart is sweet, delectable and – believe it or […]

Chai French Toast

The holiday season calls for a few indulgences, and now that December’s upon us we only have a few more weeks to let loose. (By the time January rolls around, I don’t even want to lay eyes on holiday cookies or a traditional turkey dinner spread!) I’m ready to kickoff the month with something really festive, so this chai-infused french […]

Maple Banana Bread with Hempseeds

I was raised in California, and the closest it gets to cold, wintry weather is dropping below 75 degrees in December. It’s not the most festive place in the world for the holiday months, but we had other ways of making it special. I always associate banana bread with the changing of seasons, as a […]

Maple Molasses Donuts

I think it’s safe to say Summer is officially over.  It’s suddenly a little too cold in the evenings to go out in a tee shirt, and naturally I’m craving anything spiced.  Now that we can use our ovens happily without resenting it, I think it’s time to get baking.  These donuts are the perfect transitional breakfast […]

Chickpea Socca with Cherry Tomato, Soft-Boiled Egg, & Mesclun Greens

Socca has been a staple in my house for years because it is the most delicious (and nutritious) meal ever! Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, socca is perfect anytime of day. For mornings, it’s an amazing savory idea – similar to a frittata and just as satisfying. Plus, it’s the easiest and quickest […]

Heirloom Tomato Toast

Finally: tomato season is in full swing!  The farmer’s market is bursting with the most beautiful array of heirloom tomatoes and I want to use them on everything. Besides simple summer salads & no-cook sauces, toast is my favorite way to eat tomatoes this time of year.  They don’t need much – just some garlic, olive oil […]

Vanilla Chia Pudding with Honey & Berries

It’s that time of year where I avoid “cooking” at all costs. The weather here in NYC has been in the 80’s and humid, so the last thing that’s on my mind is the warmth of a hot oven. These days, breakfasts have been refreshing and quick – smoothies, yogurt, granola, and the like. This chia pudding […]

Strawberry Thyme Yogurt

Strawberry season has come early this year and I can’t get enough. I love them most when raw, so over greek yogurt is always a great, easy option. But for just a little more effort (and a lot more flavor), strawberries are also amazing when macerated with a savory herb, like thyme or rosemary. It makes […]

Simple Spring Scramble

The markets are filled with amazing Spring produce and I couldn’t be more excited. Now that it’s finally warming up and feeling like Summer, all I want to eat are raw vegetables. There’s nothing like a good scramble, especially when it’s packed with vibrant, green things. This one is super tasty & features my favorite […]

Creamy Oatmeal with Rhubarb & Ginger Preserves

The first signs of spring are finally showing up here on the East Coast — and one of my favorites is the fresh rhubarb that’s suddenly available! After a long winter where citrus were the only in-season fruits, I’m ready for something bright and juicy. This oatmeal is the perfect simple breakfast bowl to remind you […]

Herbed Goat Cheese & Radish Tartines

I am (and have always been) the biggest fan of toast. To me, it’s the most perfect and versatile blank canvas to satisfy hunger at any time of day. Whether topped with avocado, eggs or something a little sweeter – a piece of toast provides endless opportunities for experimentation. On busy mornings, there’s no faster breakfast […]

Pesto & Goat Cheese Frittata

Brunch is my favorite meal for entertaining, and not just because I love breakfast food so much. It’s a chance to have a slow-paced, leisurely start to the day with the ones you love. It also doesn’t hurt to have bottomless coffee and perhaps a glass of prosecco!My go-to is usually something baked in the oven, like […]

Sea Salt & Olive Oil Granola

I truly love homemade granola. It’s always so much better (and cheaper) than store-bought and makes your house smell amazing. The options are really endless with the different fruits, nuts, grains and seeds you can throw in, and the best part? Almost any variation will taste amazing. There’s nothing better than having a batch of homemade […]

Cardamom Kumquat Mini Loaf

Kumquats are the new beloved citrus at my house.  They can be eaten skin-on, whole or sliced, raw or cooked.  With their burst of zingy tartness, they provide a much-needed dose of bright flavor on these cold winter days.  Besides being hearty and delicious, these mini loaves have no dairy, gluten or grain, but I promise […]

Pistachio Coconut Almond Pulp Granola

I make a lot of homemade almond milk in my house, and though always a treat, I’m left with tons of almond pulp that I hate to throw away.  I’ve been testing tons of recipes to find a viable alternative, and finally found a recipe I wouldn’t mind making at least once a week.  Luckily, it’s […]

Avocado Radish Toasts

2015 may be the year of the toast, but I’ve been mashing avocado into bread for many years.  It almost never gets old and the variations can go on for days (or even years).  I love adding something crunchy (or green), and a bit of citrus to brighten it up.   Plus, a little olive […]