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These One-Pot Dinner Recipes Will Save Your Busy Weeknights

September 27th, 2018

Is there anything better than walking in the front door after a long day of work, throwing a few quickly-prepped ingredients into one big pot, and letting the whole dish cook itself on the stove while you run a hot bath to soak the day away? Okay actually, this scenario never happens at our house because I’m usually met at the door by one kid whining for goldfish because she’s starving to death and the other kid grabbing my hand to show me how he created a new painting – on the playroom wall. But still, the one-pot meal is a lifesaver since I still don’t have time to be standing around the stove all evening or cleaning multiple pans once the dinner rush is done. Since cozy supper season is officially upon us, it feels like the perfect time to bust out the dutch oven and keep it working from now ’til February. One of the best qualities of these hearty one-pot meals is that they can be super healthy (think a little meat, lots of winter root veggies, and loads of spices and aromatics) but feel as hearty and stick-to-your-ribs as the best kind of comfort food. Read on for the 19 one-pot meals that’ll be on constant rotation at our house over the next few months.

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  3. Great post, that meal is super delicious!

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