10 Things Our Editors Are Reading, Watching, & Absolutely Loving Right Now

New month, new obsessions.

By Katherine Fluor
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There’s no denying that all of us at Team CS are self-proclaimed wellness, beauty, recipe, style, and workout junkies. We’ll try just about anything in the name of research, all the while secretly knowing that there’s little out there that can beat x,y,z in our everyday routines. Alas, our guinea pig ways continue month after month, and we constantly find ourselves talking about this one new thing everyone must add to cart, stream, or read stat. (The number of times I’ve texted Camille (and vise versa) about something that will change her life is comical at this point…)

So, let’s hear it for making this our best month yet, whether it’s five minutes of self care, balancing our gut, exciting recipe ideas, podcast must-listens, movies to watch with your hunny, or a sleep mask guaranteed to help you catch some Zzz’s… we’ve got your back with all the things you didn’t know you needed to thrive in September.

Scroll on for 10 things our editors loved, read, watched, and cooked last month that you must try now. And drop a comment below letting us know what we should add to our September bucket lists!

Camille Styles, Editor-in-chief

Marie Forleo’s Podcast Interview with Vocal Coach Robert Love

This interview with Gwen Steffani and Reese Witherspoon’s vocal coach, Roger Love, was fascinating. He shares how certain vocal habits can hold us back in life – and how to speak and sing with more confidence. I especially loved learning the common mistake that makes people sound boring. A must listen to!

Kat Fluor, Managing Editor

Melissa Wood Health Online Workouts

I’ve really been trying to tighten up post-baby (much easier said than done, I’m finding), and Melissa Wood Health (MWH) online workouts have made a huge difference in how much stronger I feel overall. The MWH Method has a postnatal series that I love, and she comes out with a new workout every Monday you can stream. For $10/month (or $100/year), you get access to 100+ of her top online workouts, meditations, and each new weekly workout. They get me sweaty, all while working those little muscles that are so hard to target, which are key to shedding fat and building long and lean muscles. The best part? I’ve done a lot of her workouts in the pool… Ha! It’s so fun and great for these triple digit Texas temps! Blast some Drake, blow through the workout, and you’re ready for a great day ahead.

Michelle Nash, Senior Producer

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

I finally got around to reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle and absolutely loved it! With the events of the last few months (and spending too much time alone) I’ve had my moments of minor existential panic. This book is a much-needed wake up call to anybody who’s struggling to figure out who they are. Glennon opens up about freeing herself from the woman she thought she was supposed to be, and coming out on the other side as a more creative, authentic and true version of herself. It’s honest, funny and makes you think!

Hannah Zhaner, Beauty Editor

Flourish Probiotics

I am always interested in giving my gut health the TLC it deserves and after trying quite a few probiotics I’ve finally found my favorite. While I try to make sure I’m getting a daily serving of probiotic-rich fermented foods, it’s nice to have an option that helps ensure I’m really giving my gut microbiome the boost it needs. Flourish is a liquid probiotic that’s full of live and diverse strains of probiotics. The regular tastes a little like bloody mary mix (yum) and the junior version tastes like kombucha (also yum).

Bloom Budget

I’ve been obsessing over this budgeting IG account. It can be tough to find a way to make budgeting actually exciting and this account somehow does it. They break it down into super digestible goals and metrics and are uber transparent (like literally what they make and spend each month) which is actually so refreshing and helpful. You can download some of their resources for free + they offer beautiful and printable budget and savings trackers to buy.

Suruchi Avasthi, Food Editor

Lunya Silk Sleep Mask

I’ve been having trouble sleeping the last few weeks (I think the stress of quarantine is finally catching up to me) so I did a total revamp of my sleep routine. In addition to turning off all screens an hour before I go to bed, I finally joined the sleep mask club and am never looking back! I LOVE the Lunya sleep mask. It totally cuts out all light but is soft enough against my skin to not feel hot as I’m trying to sleep. It’s a total game changer and feels like a little luxury in my sleep routine.

Kelly Krause, Wellness Editor

Roast Cauliflower with Lemon Tahini, by What’s Gaby Cooking

Zero exaggeration when I say that I make this every single week, and literally double the recipe. We love Gaby because her recipes are easy, approachable, and modifiable. I always add in extra garlic and roast it extra crispy to eat as a snack. I’ve used the cauliflower to make vegan tacos with Siete tortillas, or as a side dish to salmon, turkey meatballs, or a mediterranean-type bowl. It’s, as Gaby would say, EVERYTHING.

Life is Short Podcast with Justin Long

My daily 3-5 mile walk is probably my favorite part of the day. When I run, I listen to music, but on slower and more chill walks, I use it as a time to learn and listen to humans about life and their experiences. I love it. Truly, I could listen to interviews all day long, partly because I love to find myself through someone else’s experience — they can often articulate better than me — or, as a bit of a reminder of how we can all experience the same thing yet walk away from it so differently. Some of the most fun conversations I’ve listened to were on Justin Long’s Life is Short podcast. Justin is such a kind, honest, compassionate, self-aware, goofy, empathetic, and caring host. He knows when to turn on the humor, and when to sit back and let the guest tell their story. I appreciate that he doesn’t center himself in conversations, is self-deprecating in a way that’s relatable, and does a great job guiding his guests to good storytelling. The episode with Beanie Feldstein is one of my favorites, though Kristen Bell, Al Roker, and Leslie Jordan rank up there!

Anne Campbell, Home & Style Editor

Palm Springs on Hulu

All month long I’ve been craving light, airy content – anything that would help me forget about the world, even for just a moment. So, when I came across Andy Samberg’s newest feel-good flick Palm Springs on Hulu, I felt like I’d hit the jackpot. It’s heart-warming, funny, creative, and is a staycation to California’s hipster desert scene right from your own living room.

Riley Blanks, Wellness Editor

Movement as Meditation

I have loved climbing steps at Mount Bonnell on weekday mornings. Invigorating movement outside is a form of meditation for me. It has led to some of my best ideas and most profound writings. Stepping, running and walking provide a sort of clearheadedness for my mind. I love the otherworldliness of Mount Bonnell. Even just stepping a few miles outside of my neighborhood feels like traveling to another place.