Could These 4 Visualization Methods Turn Your Dreams Into Reality?

Create the energy you want to feel.

By Jenn Rose Smith
making vision boards

When our team got together to make vision boards a few weeks ago, I sat quietly staring at my blank board. “I’m almost scared to start making this,” I said, “because I know whatever I put on this board will come true. So I need to be careful!” That garnered some laughs, but that’s how much I truly believe in the power of visualization. I’ve always leaned towards mysticism in my thinking, but there’s plenty of scientific evidence that supports the power of visualization, too. Did you know that you’re much more likely to remember something once you’ve written it down? Taking the time to vividly imagine a future moment works on the same axis, but is even more supercharged. I know people who have used visualization to manifest their dream jobs, epic trips, even romance. Check out these 5 methods for using visualization and cast a spell for the future you want:

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1. Get to pinning.

Pinterest is a great tool for building vision surrounding a goal. Maybe it’s a super organized house, a dream trip, or a business goal — whatever it is, start a new board dedicated to that idea and get to pinning. Inspirational quotes, images that inspire you, anything that speaks to your goal. As you build your board, you’ll be sending powerful messages into the universe about your future.

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2. Practice meditation.

It’s not a coincidence that so many high powered CEOs make time to meditate daily. Quieting your mind and focusing deeply on one idea for a dedicated amount of time can help unlock your most productive, happy self. Set aside 5 minutes once a week to close your eyes and imagine yourself inside the future you want in VIVID DETAIL. Allow yourself to start feeling the emotions you’ll have when you’re on the other side of your goal. Congratulations, it’s already happening!

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3. Make a vision board.

Vision boarding is really fun, and it’s actually a fairly different artistic process than making a board on Pinterest. First off, you’re choosing imagery from a limited supply of magazines so you can’t just google anything you want. You have to work with what’s in front of you (kind of like life!). The process of building a collage can help your mind reach a state of zen-like creativity. And you’ll end up with an original piece of art that inspires you every time you look at it.

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4. Dress for success.

My mom taught me this, and it’s always stuck with me. She always said, “Dress for the job you want.” I’d take that a step further and say dress for the LIFE you want. Dress for the love you want. Dress for the future you want! Take time every day to look the part you want to play. Maybe you’re hoping to fall in love, catch an amazing career opportunity, or simply get a raise. Take time every morning to look the part of the person that’s going to happen to. When you’re in the creative act of putting your outfit together, you’re already experiencing your new future.

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