How to Recover the Morning After a Holiday Party

‘Tis the season.

By Jenn Rose Smith

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Spontaneity is what makes the holiday season so much fun. Dinners tend to go long, and even work parties can end up being late nights. (Hello, mezcal… on a Tuesday!) But with all that holiday cheer, even the most responsible among us might find ourselves with at least one completely unplanned headache before December is over. How am I qualified to author this piece? Let’s just say that I’m really fun at parties… and these are my tried-and-true tips for getting back on my feet again the next day fast. Note: This is NOT medical advice. This is more like Cool Older Cousin advice, offered by yours truly. Read on for 5 ways to feel better fast after a crazy holiday party.

give yourself a shock of cold water

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Give yourself a shock of cold water.

After a night where drinking’s involved, the membrane that encases your brain shrinks, which causes a solid headache. You can relieve some of that pressure by jumping in a cold body of water, taking a cold shower, or even just putting a bag of ice on your temples.

make this detox smoothie

Hydrate with a detox smoothie

Smoothies are a great solution, especially if you’re having digestive issues. This one is packed with electrolytes and so much good stuff — spinach, coconut oil, almond milk and bananas. And since hydration is key, smoothies will give you lots of it even if you don’t feel like guzzling water.

drink a real coke

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Drink a real Coke. 

I’m not talking about a diet soda, or any old soda… I’m talking about Coca-Cola (preferably a Mexican Coca-Cola, if you can find one). In my personal experience, there’s just something about the combination of sugar, caffeine, and carbonation that is truly life saving. Hey, you can’t beat the real thing.

eat a banana

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Eat a banana.

When it comes to hangovers, bananas really are a superfood. They contain high amounts of magnesium and potassium, which are depleted after drinking too much alcohol. They’re also soft and easily digestible.

Break a sweat.

Exercise gets blood flowing and releases feel-good endorphins. Go for a jog, hit up a spin class – honestly, do whatever makes you feel happy. Yoga is especially good for stimulating the lymphatic system and detoxifying the body.

focus on your breathing

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Focus on your breathing.

Deep breathing is a powerful tool for getting through all types of pain and discomfort, and fills your body with healing oxygen. Focus on your breath and remember — this too shall pass!