You Snooze, You Win: 7 Sleep Resolutions to Inspire a Happier and Healthier Year

Nighty night.

By Camille Styles

As someone who has struggled with consistent, quality sleep for years, I know firsthand the power of a good night’s rest. The morning after I don’t get it? I’m definitely not on my A-game (think headaches and cranky moods, not to mention a tough time focusing on work.)

High quality sleep boosts mood, fights off sickness, improves skin, hair, and gut health, and the most noticeable of all? It gives me energy to show up as my best self each day.

The new year is the perfect time to recommit to the nightly habits that help me unwind, relax, and fall asleep faster—and it all starts with transforming my bedroom into a haven that’s made for ultimate rest. For our latest post with Target, I’m laying the foundation with my new favorite bedding from Casaluna.

Since we finished our bedroom makeover, I’ve received so many questions about this bedding on Instagram, and if you haven’t yet discovered the magic that is Casaluna linen sheets… well, I can’t wait to introduce you ’cause I’m pretty sure you’re going to be as obsessed as I am.

Think layered textures, natural linens that look way more expensive than they actually are, and the most serene color palette that can be mixed and matched in an endless array of calming looks.

It all comes together for a bed I can’t wait to crawl into. It’s a fresh new year, and I’m looking forward to great nights—and great mornings—ahead. Scroll on to read about my tools for my best night’s sleep, and exactly how I made up the bed of my dreams.

1 – Make your bedroom a haven.

I’m a wholehearted believer that environment has a major effect on our mental state. During the weeks that we were living in our house while it was under construction, I felt as chaotic and stressed as my surroundings. Now that our bedroom is back to its calming vibes, it’s truly my favorite place to be at the end of a long day. When I dim the lights and light my favorite candle, it’s like a mental cue that reminds me to take a deep breath and let go of any stressors from the day. I try to keep things as zen-like as possible by eliminating clutter on the nightstand, laying a comfortable foundation with a luxurious mattress topper and supportive pillow, and making the bed with breathable linen sheets in calming colors.

Linen sheets have long been one of my favorite at-home luxuries, so I was incredibly excited when Target launched their well-priced yet just as luxurious Casaluna collection last year. I couldn’t wait until our reno was done so I could layer the bed with Casaluna from top to bottom, and the result is pure comfort. Aside from their beautifully “I woke up like this” rumply texture, linen sheets breathe comfortably through every season. And as someone who tends to sleep hot, that’s a major issue for getting a restful night’s sleep (more on that below.)

My bed is currently made with the white linen sheet set, linen blend quilt in natural, and oversized chunky throw. When I’m ready to refresh the bed, I’m dying to try out the sheets in that gorgeous washed black for a moodier vibe.

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2 – Nix screen time.

A few years back, I dealt with a significant bout of insomnia. That experience not only drove home the importance of good sleep to mental and physical well-being, but it also taught me a few things that I specifically need to set myself up for nocturnal success. One of those things is the importance of totally removing screen time and any type of technology that will “turn on” my brain. I have my phone set to automatically go on “do not disturb” at 9pm so I don’t even see alerts that might tempt me to re-engage with my phone. And I intentionally don’t check email, texts, or social media within an hour of bedtime so that my wind down process is uninterrupted. 

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3 – Take a bath.

This is one sleep-inducing ritual that I haven’t always been consistent with in the past, but that I wholeheartedly want to recommit to in 2021! It seems counterintuitive, but a hot bath has been proven to encourage better sleep by lowering your core body temperature, which is an important circadian sleep signal. By the time you crawl into bed, your internal body temperature has taken a dive which helps tells your body it’s bedtime. Epsom salts, an oil diffuser, and my crystal salt lamp all create a luxurious at-home spa feel that always helps me unwind and lulls me into sleepy mode.

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I’m channeling instant spa vibes in the bathroom with my new Casaluna towels. Since I couldn’t decide which of the textures was my favorite, I decided to get a few of each in soothing shades that pair beautifully together. That way, I can stay within my neutral color palette while adding lushness with layered varying texture. The 100% organic cotton towels are incredibly soft to the touch, as is the lightweight, quick drying waffle weave. I’m also very excited about the flat weave towels, since they look like chic turkish towels with their fringe borders, but are a fraction of the price and actually absorb water thanks to the terry cloth back. I stocked up on several of those for the hand towels next to our sink.

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4 – Turn off your brain.

I used to scroll social media or answer text messages in bed, and I found that my mind was so active that it would take me a good hour to fall asleep. Now, well before bedtime, I read an actual book to calm my thoughts and wind down my brain. Even though I love a good self-help book, I’ve discovered that immersing myself in a great novel or memoir really gets my mind off any stressors from the day. (I’m currently finishing Alicia Keys’ memoir and it’s such an inspiring read.) I also keep a guided meditation at the ready in case I wake up in the night—I can pop in my air pods and be lulled back to sleep, usually within 15 minutes.

5 – Stay cool.

Body temperature is a major cause of sleep disturbance—nine times out of ten, if I wake up in the night, it’s because I’m too hot. Before bed each night, I make sure the AC is cranked down to 70 degrees, and my linen sheets are breathable and naturally cooling all year round, even in the hot Texas summers.

6 – Keep a journal by the bed.

If random or anxious thoughts pop into my mind, I always keep a journal and pen on my nightstand where I can jot them down without turning on my phone. That way, my mind can rest easy knowing I can revisit my thoughts the next morning and won’t forget something important. I’m picky about my journals: they’ve got to lay flat, have heavy lined paper—and bonus points if they match my room decor. This blush linen one by Wit & Delight checks all the boxes.

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7 – Go dark and quiet.

Making the bedroom really dark signals to your body that it’s time for sleep—darkness actually induces natural melatonin production. For a few weeks after our renovation, we were waiting on our curtains to be installed and there was tons of outside light coming into the bedroom. I got relied heavily on this Casaluna sleep mask to block out the light while still being super gentle on my skin. Now that we’ve got window treatments up, I still love using it to block any additional light that comes in through the hallway or plugged-in devices, and my sleep cycle thanks me for it. This mask also makes a gorgeous gift for anyone on your list.