If You’re As Curious About CBD As We Are, Read This

By Chanel Dror

Disclaimer: This post is designed for educational purposes only, and is not intended to serve as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have or suspect you have a health problem, please consult your health care provider before starting CBD or any other product, to determine if it is right for your needs. 

CBD. Most of us have heard of it, but how well do you actually understand the buzzed-about hemp plant extract? After my dog started experiencing frequent seizures last year, I began my own research into the world of CBD oil, and admittedly, it was pretty hard to ignore the overwhelming positive testimony in support of the natural supplement. For Coco, CBD actually wasn’t effective in treating her seizures, but that doesn’t mean it’s not changing the way millions out there heal themselves and making major waves in the health community. Interested in finding out more? My good friend and total cannabis disco queen Jade Daniels joins us today to answer the questions on everyone’s mind.

Jade Daniels is co-owner of Portland-based Ladies of Paradise, a female-run creative collective and retail store where fashion meets cannabis. Their new brick and mortar shop opening September 8th will be will be decked out in items such as CBD products, cannabis-centric jewelry, clothing, candles, and more … all with an emphasis on supporting small, women-owned businesses and lines.

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Break it down for us. What exactly is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. There are over 400 chemical compounds in the cannabis plant, but unlike the most commonly known ‘tetrahydrocannabinol’ (THC), CBD will not get you high. CBD has many medicinal benefits, and our bodies respond to it well, perhaps because it’s naturally produced in women’s breastmilk! Believe it or not, those cannabinoids are vital for the growth and development of newborns.

Not surprisingly, the debate surrounding all things cannabis is a polarizing one. What are some common misconceptions about CBD?

People assume that because CBD comes from a cannabis plant that it will get you high, and has thus been classified for years as a Schedule I drug, along with heroin and cocaine. Because it was illegal for so long, research funding was not available, and only now is the public starting to hear about all of the studies exploring the plant’s benefits.

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This brings me to my next question. What are the benefits of using CBD?

Many people swear by CBD as an all-natural treatment for pain relief, anxiety and PTSD, but growing research and user experience is arguing that cannabidiol can be effective in treating more serious medical conditions as well.

If you Google “CBD Epilepsy,” you can take your pick at one of the many videos that show parents treating their epileptic children with CBD oil, and as a result, seeing an active seizure come to a complete stop. British DJ and cannabis activist Chelsea Leyland is epileptic and currently producing a documentary on the topic while fighting for the UK to legalize the medicine. Read more about her projects here.

Click here to read the growing research that supports that CBD has also been linked to alleviating cancer-related symptoms.

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That is so fascinating! So, say I’m ready to start experimenting with CBD, what are the different ways to consume it?

CBD is sooo the new coconut oil! There many ways to use CBD products, and we carry many of them in our store here in Portland. From lotions to face serums to dog treats, CBD is a beneficial addition to many daily products, routines and lifestyles.

One of our best sellers is a CBD Inhaler by The Make and Mary. For pets, I love Skyline Isolations pet line, and their best seller is actually their tincture for horses! My favorite topical is the relief cream from Nightingale Remedies because its one of the more effective CBD creams I’ve used that doesn’t include THC.

Topicals are popular CBD products as well, but for pain relief, it is most beneficial to use a product that contains both THC and CBD, as studies have shown that it is most effective when these 2 components are working together.

In addition to seeing it appear on the packaging of our favorite beauty products, we’ve also noticed CBD oil being added to many recipes and beverages. What’s that about?

There are 2 types of CBD, full spectrum and isolate, and these can be consumed or applied in many different ways. Full spectrum CBD is made with the whole plant and is usually what oil tinctures are made up of. CBD isolates are more pure and are usually flavorless, and can be an additive for coffee, food or cocktails, like this delicious Limonini CBD Cocktail.

Now, for the elephant in the room. What are the laws around CBD, especially in states where marijuana illegal?

Theres definitely a gray area that CBD is sitting in when it comes to statewide cultivation, processing, distribution and even legalization. While it has been approved by the FDA, where the hemp is grown plays a big part in whether the product is legal. Therefore, laws and regulations vary from state to state. Click here to read more about the legalization of CBD.