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Do These 6 Things As Soon As You Start Feeling Sick

November 17th, 2017

If having personal experience with sinus problems qualifies you to speak to the topic, I’m basically a medical doctor. All joking aside — I’ve suffered from regular sinus infections for as long as I can remember. Ask anyone else who deals with this and they’ll tell you, it’s a frustrating and unfair condition that can take you out for weeks at a time. I’ve been to both allergists and ENTs, and over the years I’ve learned a few good techniques that have helped me bounce back from extreme allergies and also minimize my cold symptoms when I have a virus. So keep this list handy for that moment when you feel a sore throat coming on, and stay well my friends!

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  1. fleurt says:

    I’ve found out that a long lasting cure of ionic sulfur can completely cure regular sinus problems. No other treatment really worked. I had been suffering from them since 8 years: it was awful. I rarely encounter them now. I am not a doctor though – be advised by a professional if you take it! And I am not allergic to anything. Good luck!

  2. Tamika says:

    Such a great list! My number one step? Rolling a powerful oil blend for immune support on my feet and spine morning and night. In a 10 mL glass roller bottle, add 10-20 drops of Thieves oil, top with your favorite carrier (I love fractionated coconut oil), rock to mix and you’re good to go.

    Be well Friends!

  3. Alison says:

    This may seem like a weirdly personal question but…do you still have your tonsils? Having mine out as a kid relieved me of chronic ENT problems and probably saved me from about a million sick days. I have a few friends who’ve had them out as adults and saw pretty much the same miraculous results.

    Hope you’re breathing easy this cold and flu season!

    • Laurie says:

      ME TOO!!! I got mine out at 31 yo (not a fun experience!!!!) but I very rarely get sick now..& that was 16 yrs ago!!! I always ask my friends the same question. Getting them out has been a lifesaver!!!!

  4. Patricia Ellis says:

    my sinus problems have gotten worse the older I’ve gotten. the problem is so bad that i may have to move away from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. I keep a hat on when I’m outside, wear a scarf to bed, drink plenty of water, and run my space heater all night. The medicine, OTC, dries out my sinuses, but at least it dries up the congestion. Since I don’t have insurance going to the doctor isn’t an option, plus I would have to take a day off from work to go to a clinic.

  5. I loved all of the suggestions. I had never heard of the Neti pot. I’m intrigued.

  6. Good suggestions. I recommend lots of hot tea especially lemon,ginger,honey and a bit of blackcurrant juice to disguise the flavour.

  7. Miz Val says:

    Here a good one don’t be like picture number 2 .Put on some warm clothing and socks! Keep warm.The reason most of us get sick is because we don’t dress properly Or in my case we travel from a warm climate back into a cold one. I’m fighting something right now but was able to catch it on time because my throat got itchy and dry

  8. Kara Louise says:

    A dry skin brush followed by a warm salt bath with essential oils (Young Living for sure) does the trick for me! Plus I advise glutathione too!

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