Finding Your Flow and Notes from the Weekend

Breathe deep.

By Camille Styles
camille styles on back patio

Good morning, friends – how has your weekend been so far? Yesterday, I embraced a (rare) rainy summer day to do a massive clean-out of my kids’ closets. Of course, it ended up taking way longer than expected because with each tiny outgrown outfit, my mind took a walk down memory lane, and I ended up a little teary over all the sweet moments and how fast these outfits – and stages – are passing us by. The dress Phoebe wore on her 5th birthday in California (how was that 3 years ago), the tiny swim trunks that are suddenly 2 sizes to small for Henry. Phoebe put on a hat that my mom had knitted her, and we both started cracking up because it was literally for a baby.

I think my mood was also influenced by feeling a little sad as I think about Henry’s first day of kindergarten. Instead of packing his backpack for the first time and meeting his new teacher, he’ll be here at home, due to the covid rates in Austin forcing all schools to start the year with virtual learning. I’m brainstorming some ways to make the first day of school feel special — any ideas y’all have been thinking about?

Have you guys had to miss – or adjust – any big life milestones over the last few months?

I’d love for you to share your experience in the comments.

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