A Staycation to End the Summer & Notes From the Weekend

By Camille Styles

Weekend Notes

Morning, friends – hope y’all are having a fun and easygoing weekend. It’s feeling like that time of year when I’m desperate to carve out some days like this with nothing on the calendar besides sunshine and swimming, ’cause once the school year starts, things are about to get real. Speaking of, can’t believe my baby girl turns 6 today! So many of y’all have been reading since I was first pregnant with Phoebe, and it’s so sweet to know you’ve been part of this amazing journey with us – and also reminds me of how quickly the years pass. We’re celebrating with a family barbecue and birthday cake tonight, and then a unicorn-filled “almost sleepover” with her friends next Friday which is going to be adorable and also insane – I might need a week to recover. We’ve got lots of good links from around the web this week, so read on and enjoy!

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image by ivy road photography