Merry Christmas (and a few great holiday reads)

By Camille Styles

holiday wreath

Merry Christmas Eve, friends! Hope you’re having a cozy morning and that your day ahead is filled with love and joy. We’ve had a rocky start to the holiday – Henry (among other family members) came down with the flu a couple days ago, and there are few things sadder than a 2-year-old who feels terrible. But I’m hopeful that we’ve all taken a turn for the better this morning just in time to celebrate the holiday, and I’m excited about a day filled with hot cocoa drinking and Christmas movie watching and seeing the magic of Santa through the eyes of my kids. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you in this amazing community — thank you for all the wisdom and encouragement that you brought to my life in 2017. Enjoy these links I’ve been loving lately, and have a wonderful holiday! xo

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*photo by tracey ayton