Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles

cozy christmas pajamas

It’s the last weekend before Christmas, and my mood is falling somewhere between excitement for the coming festivities and a twinge of sadness that another holiday season has flown by. I really, truly love this time of year and kind of wish it could last forever… but then I remember that January is around the corner, with its fresh starts and new beginnings, and I get excited for setting new goals and being super healthy next month. And then if I’m being completely honest, summer is my real favorite season… but I digress.

christmas table decor

We had a few close friends over for a proper dinner party on Friday night, and it was fun to hang out in a more intimate setting after having been to so many big parties over the last couple weeks. I feel like the most fun nights for me are usually the ones with a smaller group — it really allows the chance to connect and have those more meaningful conversations, or the hilarious ones that you end up talking about for years. How about you guys – do you love big blowout parties, or are smaller gatherings more your jam? I’d love to hear thoughts in the comments, and keep reading for my favorite links from around the web lately — there are some real gems this week. xo

boxwood wreath + wellies

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*photos: sequins & things, poppietalk, allie seidel