Weekend Notes

By Camille Styles

lilacs in paris by carla coulson

Good morning, friends! Hope you’re all enjoying this chilly weekend and fitting in some fun and rest after the holidays. This past week was a mix of excitement to get back to work and kickoff new projects for 2018, combined with feeling kind of like a cold dose of reality to be at my desk after such a long and relaxing break. We’ve been taking it easy this weekend, tackling some projects around the house, cooking healthy meals, and reading books in front of the fire. In other words, doing my best to absolutely chill in preparation for what’s shaping up to be a very busy work week ahead. What are all of you up to? Hope you have a lovely Sunday, and enjoy my favorite links from around the web this week! xo

In love with these dreamy Parisian photos by Carla Coulson (also, above), and thinking of ordering a print for my bedroom.

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*photo: lilac bouquet in paris by carla coulson