Weekend Notes: What a Nutritionist Really Eats & Elle Macpherson’s Beauty Secrets

By Camille Styles

morocco, beautiful door with flowers

photo above: Luc Lagasquie

Good morning, my friends! Hope y’all are having a lovely weekend so far. We kicked ours off the best way we know how, with a sushi date night just the two of us where we got uninterrupted hours to talk about life. Yesterday was a power walk with the double stroller, trip to the farmer’s market, massive closet clean-out, and a veggie taco feast on the grill. The weather’s been warmer this weekend, and suddenly I’m craving spring! Thankfully, we’re getting away to a tropical destination this week – more to come on that.

For now, keep reading for my favorite links around the web this week, and I’d love to hear about any you loved in the comments! xo

fennel roasted carrot salad

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