Hello August! What’s On Camille’s Mind This Month

Make the connection.

By Camille Styles

Recently, I was invited to brunch at the home of a friend who’d recently moved to Austin. She’d pulled together a seemingly random assortment of women she’d met through different aspects of life, from the blogging world (me) to an old friend from out-of-town to the sweet barista at her go-to coffee shop. I quickly learned, however, that the guest list wasn’t actually “random” at all; she’d purposefully invited interesting, curious women who had something to say – and would relish an opportunity to skip the small talk and really connect with other women on a heart level.

As we sat around the table feeling as nourished by the genuine conversation as we were by the healthy brunch spread, I got to thinking: what makes a gathering memorable? What’s the difference between an experience that leaves you with a full heart and big smile… and one where all the details are perfect but you’re left feeling a little empty? The brunch was a reminder of our innate longing to connect with other humans — a longing that can’t be satisfied from any amount of texting or keeping up with someone on social media.

And when an environment is created that fosters genuine, heart-to-heart connection, where everyone walks away feeling seen, heard, and valued? That’s when the magic happens.

camille styles spring garden party with target

I’m really excited that our editorial theme for August is CONNECTION. This month, we’ll share ideas for creating spaces that foster connection, deepening bonds with family and friends and forging new ones with people not yet in our spheres. You’ll find inspiration from the girls glamping trip our team took last week, and tips on reconnecting with long-distance friends you haven’t spoken to in awhile. My sister (a licensed counselor) is popping in with hard-won advice on how to turn conflict into a healthy part of your relationships. And we’ve even got some creative journaling prompts that will help you connect with your inner self in a whole new way.

As we head back to work and school after summer travels, it’s the perfect time to cozy up and reconnect with those who will nourish your soul in the coming season. I can’t wait!

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