Hello, June! Camille’s Letter from the Editor

The great escape.

By Camille Styles

What is it that makes us love summer so much? Sure, the sunshine and barbecues and lack of school drop-offs are all amazing, but I think it’s really the promise of freedom, an escape from the day-to-day grind as we head out of town or play hooky from work or simply scream YOLO as we cannonball into the swimming pool. This month’s editorial theme is Escape, and while its original inspiration came from the destinations our team is headed to this summer, from Mexico to Italy to Bali, the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about the figurative interpretations of the word, too.

Beachy White Mood Board

Why is it that so many of us tend to stick to the same schedule day after day? For me, it’s an attempt to control and manage a busy life in which I’m juggling work, kids, relationships, and so much in between. Sticking to an exacting schedule helps me keep all the balls in the air, and make sure we’re eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and taking care of the responsibilities that come with being a grown-up. The flip side is that my schedule can become so regimented that I forget to leave room in my life for the fun, spontaneous, and inspiring.

Enter: escape. Where does your mind go when you’re bored or in a rut? Perhaps it’s a beach somewhere, or maybe people-watching from a sidewalk café in Paris. When we’re really depleted, maybe our fantasies look more a morning spent reading in bed and then going out for bagels. Whatever it is, it’s about getting away from it all: the emails, the deadlines, the “have-to’s,” and instead choosing to do whatever it is you actually want to do in that moment.

This month on the site, we’ll be sharing everything you need for your summer getaways from playlists to packing lists, as well as creative ways to break out of your daily routine at home. Think rut-busting breakfast ideas and shaking up your workout. My hope is that you’ll feel inspired to try something new, travel somewhere you’ve never been before, and feel emboldened to go off-script and do something just because it feeds your soul.

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