We’ve All Been There! Try These 25 Sweet and Simple Ways to Cheer Up Your Partner

Bad days happen to good people.

By Lourdes Avila Uribe
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We’ve all been there: you have a bad day at work, or you’re feeling a bit out of sorts, perhaps you have a disagreement with a friend, or you simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Bad days happen to everyone. When your partner is the one feeling down, it can be tough to watch them having a difficult time. Though it’s not always possible to take away someone else’s stress, there are little ways to help! If you’re trying to come up with ways for how to cheer up your partner, you’ve come to the right place.

My own immediate impulse is usually to try and make my partner feel better. Sometimes, this can actually be counterproductive. When our loved ones are having a bad day or are stressed, they often just need a little space to decompress and figure it out themselves. In the meantime, finding small, meaningful ways to cheer up your partner can really make a difference.

And don’t think that the only way to cheer up your partner is by spending money. Sure, gifts are great and always appreciated, but oftentimes what helps the most is quality time, helping them feel loved, fun distractions, and of course, their favorite foods.

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Read on for the full scoop on how to cheer up your partner!

Something Romantic

Tuck a short love note in their bag. It can be a few words of affirmations, a poem that reminded you of them, or a few words letting them know you’re thinking about them throughout the day.

Make them a playlist of songs that remind you of each other. Just because we aren’t making mix CDs for each other anymore doesn’t mean we can’t still share a playlist. Keep it private on Spotify so it’s your special little secret.

Compliment them. Tell them they’re hot, even when they’re just wearing pajamas, or how smart they are when they’ve been struggling at work. An earnest, unexpected compliment always brightens everyone’s day!

Send an unexpected sexy pic of yourself. As long as precedent has been set and you know this is something they’re cool with, a little mid-day photo will definitely brighten up their day.

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Something Sweet

Do a chore that they dislike doing. Everyone has that one chore on their list that they absolutely abhor—personally, doing do the dishes feels like a personal attack on a nightly basis. Quietly take it off their plate by doing it yourself.

Surprise them with a new plantYes, getting flowers is always a sweet romantic treat, but a new plant lasts much longer (is often cheaper) and is a lovely reminder of a tender moment of kindness.

Give them an extra-long hug. Few things feel as loving as receiving a long, unexpected hug. Give them a nice squeeze to remind them that you’re there for them no matter what.

Write them a silly haiku. Even if you don’t consider yourself the world’s most proficient wordsmith, anyone can whip up a sweetly funny haiku. It’ll brighten up their day to know you took the time to put pen to paper.

Text them a cute picture of the two of you from early in your relationship. It’s a nice reminder of how far you’ve come!

Let them pick the next series to binge-watch. Need to bring out the big guns? Commit to letting them take the reins when it’s time to pick your next Netflix binge.

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Something Tasty

Cook a fancy meal on a boring weekday. What a great treat to come home to after a long day of work. Pick up the good cuts of meat, their fave veggies, and a nice bottle of wine.

Bring them coffee in bed. There are few things sweeter than cracking open an eyeball and having your warm coffee ready to go on your bedside table. Even just a few extra cozy minutes in bed can make one feel extra loved.

Make a reservation at their favorite restaurantNot only does it show that you pay attention to the things they love, it is something to look forward to and a good way to get their mind off their troubles.

Surprise them with their favorite dessert. Whether they’ve got a beloved bakery or are obsessed with a treat that only you can make, showing up to work or a hang out with their favorite sweet treat is sure to perk them right up.

Pick up the cookbook they’ve been eyeing and the ingredients for a recipe. That way, they not only get the gift of a new book but an exciting new dinner ready to go.

Something Relaxing

Offer an unsolicited massage. We hold so much tension in our bodies, especially after long days hunched over a computer. Even a short ten-minute shoulder rub or foot rub can help to release tension, stress, and the physical manifestations of anxiety.

Get them a subscription to a meditation app. Sign them up for Calm or Insight Timer so that they can take some time out of their day to focus on their emotional well-being.

Suggest an evening walk in their favorite neighborhood. Leave the phones at home and make sure you can both connect and talk out any issues they’re having.

Get them a soothing face mask. Pop it in the fridge so it’s extra refreshing when they use it. Add some Enya to the mix and maybe even give them a little scalp rub while it’s on their face for some serious relaxation.

Draw a candle-lit bath. Bonus points if you have a glass of wine waiting for them as well.

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Something Fun

Surprise them with an impromptu home movie night. Pick their favorite film, have some popcorn ready to go, and order the yummiest pizza in town for a relaxing evening.

Sign them up for a workout class they love and join! Whether it’s virtual or IRL, it’ll be a fun way to do something together and get their mind off their troubles.

Dance it out. Throw on some serious dance tunes and shake it all out. I’m partial to ABBA for serious feel-good dance vibes.

Pick up a new board game or puzzle. Pull it out after dinner for some screen-free bonding time.

Plan your next trip. Even if it’s an imaginary one, for now, daydream together about your fantasy travels.