Happy first week in May! Here’s to the freshness of a new month, which feels particularly welcome right now.

April was… interesting, to say the least. We stayed home more than we ever have before, cooked (and did more dishes) than we ever thought possible, learned to stay connected via Zoom, and mastered the quickest morning routine ever.

And while I’m excited at the prospect of returning to my favorite restaurants and hanging out with friends (loved reading all your thoughts on Texas starting to reopen here), I also have the feeling that most of us are going to be straddling a weird line of uncertainty and making lots of judgement calls all throughout the month of May. My goal is the same as it’s been: take things day by day and do my best to savor the slower pace of life at home… though admittedly, I’m starting to dream about the first small dinner party I want to host when we feel ready. Hope you’re all feeling well-rested and ready for a new week, and scroll on for my favorite reads from around the web lately…

ps. Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow! ICYMI, here’s all our favorite Mexican recipes and my go-to classic margarita recipe.

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