6 Podcasts to Get You Out of a Bedroom Rut

Let’s talk about sex, baby.

By Phoebe Neuman
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Confession: I have a major podcast addiction. If I’m doing something that’s relatively mindless – think walking the dog, cooking, sitting in traffic ­— you can bet that I have a podcast on to keep me company. They allow me to squeeze in time to learn about things I otherwise wouldn’t seek out from books or TV, including (you guessed it) sex. And turns out, there are some pretty amazing resources to turn to if you find yourself stuck in a bedroom rut.

The thing about each of the podcasts on this list is that at their core, they empower you to put words to the things most of us struggle to talk about.

They cover sex, desire, and relationships in all of their messiness, exposing you to ways of living (and loving) that you may never have imagined. And while not every episode may apply to the confines of your bedroom, each and every one will teach you how to talk about what you want and need from your partner. Because, as it turns out, nothing is sexier than communication. So get listening…and then get it on.

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Sex with Emily

Dr. Emily Morse is a podcast veteran, and has been sharing her sex and relationship advice on the air since 2005. She’s funny, warm, and completely judgement free, making Sex with Emily a great place to learn more about human sexuality, and get inspired to try a thing or two. Her show airs live on Sirius XM five days a week (and is also available wherever you get your podcasts), so there is plenty of content to dig into to find what you’re most interested in. If you’re feeling bold, you can also call in to have Emily herself answer your sex and relationship questions. (Bonus tip: the Sex With Emily blog is full of great advice – and a seriously sexy story or two.)

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Shameless Sex

As a sex and relationship coach and the VP of an adult toy company, it’s safe to say Amy Baldwin and April Lambert know a thing or two about how to get your mojo going. The Shameless Sex podcast channels the best of their experience into un-intimidating and thoughtful advice about sex, relationships and more. Their main focus is on education, so if you’re looking to learn more about your sexuality – or stumble on something you’ve never heard of before, this one’s for you.

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Room for Relations

Covering everything from porn addiction to self-care and setting healthy boundaries (both in the bedroom, and out), Room for Relations feels as much like listening in on a conversation with your best friends as it does a human sexuality class. Each episode host and relationship therapist Eboni Harris leads conversations with her friends covering the topics each cares most about, which means her archive is sure to have something for everyone. One I’m adding to my queue? Room 534: Are You Grateful or Silent?

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Where Should We Begin?

No list of sex and relationships podcasts is complete without couples therapist Esther Perel’s beloved Where Should We Begin? Where the others on this list get really sexy, Where Should We Begin? Is all about getting sentimental. Each episode is a look into real conversations between couples, covering everything from feeling unsatisfied in the bedroom, to infidelity and loss. Grab the tissues, and prepare to get intimate.

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Consider this a masterclass in the science and psychology of sex. On each episode of Sexology, Dr. Nazanin Moali interviews experts, psychologists, mental health practitioners and more to get to the root of all of those sex questions you’re too afraid to ask. This is a great one to turn to if you’re looking to ease into the wild world of sex and sexuality, or if you’re looking for something you and your partner can listen to together (and then, you know, go practice what you’ve learned).

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My Dad Wrote a Porno

I’m not going to pretend that My Dad Wrote a Porno is going to teach you about sex or relationships at the same level as the rest of the podcasts on this list. But it is a seriously good time. Each week host Jamie Morton, along with co-hosts James Cooper and Alice Levine, read a chapter of a series of erotic novels written by his father, and the podcast captures all of the hilarity and horror that come along with it. It will remind you to keep things fun in the bedroom and leave any sense of embarrassment at the door — because what’s more important than that?