An Inspiring January Playlist

Tunes to help you kick those resolutions into gear.

By Jamie Pabst

We all know the saying, “New Year, New You.”   It’s a catchy and inspiring phrase, after all.  But, I think we all know that simply having a new year ahead of us doesn’t automatically bring us a new version of ourselves.  If it were only that easy!  Change, evolution and self-improvement requires work, intention, motivation…and…building powerful HABITS.  Habits have been one of my biggest hacks for tackling goals and creating positive changes this past year.  Which is why highlighting “habits” as the CS January editorial theme to kick off 2019 is so appropriate.

Good habits create freedom in the present to do more of what you want in the future.  So, as we usher in this New Year, I invite you to set your intentions and start building those habits that are going to get you to the New YOU you’ve been looking forward to in 2019.  And because we all need a little motivation to help those habits stick, I’ve put together some of my most recent favorite tunes to keep you moving along as your intentions turn into actionable habits.  That’s what I call playlist goals!  Tune into our January playlist below, and lock in the magic of habits all month long.

Jamie Pabst is the CS music editor and NYC-based entrepreneur and DJ for positive lifestyles.