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How to Find Your Original Voice

September 27th, 2017

In 1972, social psychologist Irving Janis coined the term “groupthink”. He wanted to give a name to something he saw happening when people made decisions as groups. What he is observed was that the desire for harmony within the group caused people to oftentimes forgo their own creativity. If Janis were still here today, he’d see his own theory come to life on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. As creative millennials it seems like the more we share online, the more alike we become. Are we all headed towards the same sharp point? Will we all end up sitting on one giant diamond flokati rug, sipping cappuccinos and styling overhead shots of rose gold accessories?

As a longtime creative and working member of the blogosphere, I say no. We don’t have to end up there. Artists have struggled with groupthink for years before it had a name, and there are tried and true methods to break out of the cycle to find your own true identity and voice as a creative person. Over my 15 years of working in creative production (including theater, film, advertising and blogging) I’ve discovered a few methods I can always resort back to when I’m feeling lost in the crowd. Read on for my five tips on how to find your original voice as a creative:

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  1. brendakula says:

    I have been a blogger in the home and garden genre for quite some time. But my readers tell me that why they visit me is because`I share so much of myself with them. Great post!

  2. Connie says:

    thank you, very helpful. I tried the other points and it always worked. thanks for the reminder! But #1 and #2 are new to me and I will try those too!

  3. Yes, I agree! I started out blogging about knitting but soon found that my inner voice kept intruding about my other interests. So now I write about whatever I want.

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