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12 Tips to Be More Green in One Minute

October 5th, 2016

The idea of “being green” can sometimes seem a little intimidating. Most of the tips I read about in magazines and on blogs feature out-of-reach goals that are both time consuming and unrealistic for my lifestyle. But after realizing in recent months how much paper, glass, and energy I have been wasting, I decided it was time to start incorporating greener practices into my life, no matter how small.

I have found that I’m more likely to do something good for the environment if it fits well into my busy schedule. So today we’ve partnered with Seventh Generation to share some easy green tips that you can accomplish in less than one minute. Seriously! I’m slowly turning these tips into daily habits, and I love that I can see the effects of these practices in my electricity bills, water bills, and the amount of times I have to take out the trash per week. Scroll down for 12 ways you can incorporate easy green habits into your own lifestyle, and let us know in the comments of anything we’ve missed!

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  1. All great tips! Similar to the dishwasher, I try to get a full load of laundry done to avoid multiple washer uses. Electricity has become super expensive in Canada so I can’t afford to waste any of it!

    Angela / Blush & Pearls

  2. Myrtle says:

    Really nice ways to be people who want care with our crying world. Let’s we start now. so do i.
    Thank’s. Really i will bookmark for sure!

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