Making a Joy List, and Notes from the Weekend

Back to the basics.

By Camille Styles
camille styles backyard barbecue

Hey friends, happy weekend. Hope you’re all staying safe and finding moments of joy during these days when the latest news can feel so overwhelming. I’ve been feeling ups and downs, as well as the uncertainty that all of us are experiencing, but I’m trying to focus my energy on the things that keep me feeling grounded. Things like cooking healthy meals with fresh summer ingredients (turn up the music and get lost in the flow), spending some time writing each morning, putting away my phone to be present with my family, and checking in via call or text with one of my friends each day. The types of things that sound basic on the surface, but that we so often neglect when life gets stressful.

If you haven’t done it before, try writing a list of the things that personally bring you joy, and figure out how to work one or two of them into each day; it makes such a difference.

Lots of good reads this week, so settle in with a cup of coffee and scroll on…

tomato, avocado, & cucumber salad with feta - simple summer salad recipe

I’m over at Talbots with some favorite summer outfits (their linen skirt is so good), plus my al fresco dinner tips, and go-to summer recipe. Read the story and see the looks right here!

A needed reminder that today = your LIFE.

The perfect, simple fish taco I can’t stop making (and eating.)

A sweet way to battle loneliness during this time.

This resurfacing peel is giving me major glow.

Just added several of these books to my reading list.

Finally: someone is talking about what’s on every parent’s mind.

An inspiring story of selflessness and sacrifice.

The case for checking your email just once a day.

and a few fun things you may have missed!

The relaxing creative outlet I’m loving this weekend.

Prepare yourself to drool.

I haven’t really been in a shopping mood – until I read this. 

Which of these affirmations speak to you?

*shop the look above here.