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5 Smart Ways To Spring Clean Your Finances

April 21st, 2017

There’s something about spring that refreshes our souls and brings a renewed sense of productivity to our days. Even though we savor a warm climate all year here in Austin, it still feels natural to shake off lingering winter blues. Decluttering our closets and deep cleaning our homes are a couple errands that feel right this time of year. But why stop there? If your financial resolutions fell off track (it happens to the best of us), now is the perfect time to refresh those money habits. Here are five ways to spring clean your financial goals this month.

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  1. Ted says:

    I always try to have three months savings in my account ,and scrape through somehow !

  2. Eire Pollard says:

    These are all such helpful tips! Personally, I think I’m more in need of a money-tracker app — worryingly, I wouldn’t be surprised if my latte-bill shocked me and everyone I know into an early death. Thanks for the app suggestions for that!

    I’ve also found that, beyond just looking at what I’m spending my money on, it’s how I FEEL about spending it. So, for example, I realise I spend a lot of money on beauty products (it takes a lot of my stuff to make my face look ‘normal’) and eating at restaurants with friends, but I get much more enjoyment eating out with friends. If you’re going to spend, at least make sure it’s something that brings you joy and increases your life happiness.

    • I’m glad these were helpful, Eire! I totally agree that spending money on things that make our lives happier is important. I like to use Personal Capital to point out areas where I’m spending money that wouldn’t necessarily affect my lifestyle or happiness and cut back on those. And I’m right there with you—I never feel guilty spending money on good food with good friends! Thanks for reading!

    • dalilidesign says:

      Hey Eire, I know this is a side note, but an important one. Don’t put yourself down like that, not in public and not in private. If you spend a lot of money on makeup because it makes you feel good and you think it’s fun, then do it. Don’t “blame” it on your face, no explanation needed. A man would never do that, he would never feel the need to explain himself or excuse it in any way. What I’m trying to say is be confident enough to not be the butt of your own jokes and not to feel the need to explain yourself.
      With love -Caroline

  3. tapeparade says:

    This is so helpful! I’m normally good at saving but I am terrible with my credit score. Thanks for the tips 🙂

  4. PeterBrown says:

    Sure these tips are helpful. Thanks for sharing them.

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