Morning Routines of Successful Women & Notes from the Weekend

Grab your coffee & enjoy these reads.

By Camille Styles
amanda brooks english country house, architectural digest

image from the incredible country home of amanda brooks photographed by oberto gili for architectural digest

Morning, friends! Hope y’all are having a happy and restful Sunday morning, preferably with some spiced orange cinnamon rolls and cup of coffee in hand. It feels so good to be home for the weekend after lots of work travel lately, and I’ve been making the most of it with lots of time unplugged from my phone, running errands with the kids, long chats with friends, and getting the fam together to make the best grilled pizza dinner (we did caramelized onion, prosciutto, and arugula – my fave.) Also, y’all have got to watch this documentary that Adam and I loved last night. It reinforced my current goal to allow time for real spontaneity and unexpected connections with others. Let me know if you guys have seen it in the comments, and scroll on for my favorite reads from around the web this week. XO

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