Holiday hosting, travel, shopping, relatives… November is often a blur of all the things we’re “supposed” to be doing. This year we’re arguing that there’s only one thing you really need to do month, and that’s get to the polls this Tuesday. Once you’ve checked that off your list, what you do in the weeks to come is really all about embracing the traditions that are meaningful to you and discarding the rest. Here are ten fun ideas for things to do in November that will leave you feeling relaxed and in-the-moment.

photo by collage vintage

Vote. Seriously the most important thing you’ll do this month. Grab a friend on Tuesday, November 6th and hit the polls. (Find your polling place here.)

Wake up to this Autumn Harvest Breakfast Bowl.

Start actually taking care of your sweaters.

image by gebrueder thonet vienna

Buy something burgundy velvet for your home.

Win Thanksgiving with one of these brussels sprout recipes.

Nerd out on Outlaw King, the new Netflix original film about Robert the Bruce, out November 9th.

Skiers rejoice: you can now shop an affordable collection of skiwear that’s actually cute (thank you Free People!)

Plan a camping trip to a drive in campsite (or just drool over these incredible custom Ford Broncos.)

image by a practical wedding

Host an outdoor dinner with blankets for everyone.

… and serve this Crispy Saffron Tahdig Recipe!

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