Hey, dreamer! What have you been dreaming of lately? This month we are celebrating the incredible power and amazing phenomenon of dreams, and I’ve loved creating a dream-worthy playlist devoted to this theme.

We often throw around the term “dream” casually…”what do you dream of, the dream job, the dream team”… but when was the last time you actually thought literally about why dreams are so incredible? What’s so cool about dreams is that, whether inhabiting our sleep or gracing our waking world, dreams have no boundaries, no constrictions on creativity, imagination, or expectations. Dreams are expected to be a little crazy, as our brain goes to town creating wild ideas, forming bizarre, fantastical moments while the rest of our body is at rest catching zzzz’s. There’s no limit to where our sleeping dreams will take us, or what’s possible.

There’s still a lot of unanswered questions as to why we dream, what they symbolize, and how they inform or are connected to our lived realities, but I do believe in the power of the unbridled, well-formed dream, particularly if we could start viewing our waking reality in the same way we perceive our sleeping dreams. A reality where we don’t put restrictions and boundaries on our thoughts that surface…a reality where we actually believe in unlimited possibilities and take action on it. Turning “I dream” into “I do.”

Well, perhaps for the month of October we can devote ourselves to stretching our minds just a little more and start believing in all the possibilities that our dreaming minds construct. What do you say?  As your music curator, I’ve put together a 2-part playlist as the perfect dream tool-kit. I kick off the first part of the playlist with all of my favorite “dream themed” songs for some fun inspiration during our waking hours. The second part of the playlist is filled with my most impactful sounds and musical compositions to help all you restless sleepers get the best rest, relaxation and sleep possible, so you can dream a little deeper, replenish a little more, and feel rejuvenated enough to make those sleeping dreams a waking reality.  Press play and dream on!

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