20 Self-Care Ideas to Pamper Yourself This Weekend

Because we all need a little extra love right now.

By Lourdes Avila Uribe
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There’s simply no denying it: the past year has been hard. We’ve all been mentally, physically, and spiritually stretched. That’s why it’s imperative we find time to fill up our own cups to restore, revive, and rejuvenate ourselves. It’s not always easy to come up with ways to indulge in me-time—and we definitely need to ditch any guilt associated with it—which is why we’ve rounded up 20 self-care ideas during quarantine to try. Sometimes, it’s easier to have a pre-made list ready to go when you find a moment to yourself.

The last twelve (and counting) months have been profoundly difficult for everyone in a myriad of ways. It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, have kids, are child-free, are working from home, or are commuting to your job, the unexpected challenges everyone has faced are as numerous as they are difficult to bear. So, it’s time to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on someone else!

Depending on your time constraints, budget, and motivation, you can utilize one (or hopefully more) of these self-care ideas during quarantine. Get some fresh air, move that body, clear your mind, and choose yourself. Even if it’s just for five minutes a day.

Read on for 20 self-care ideas during quarantine to get you through.

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For your body

Take a virtual dance class. Grab an online friend (or make some new ones) and shake it out with a virtual dance class. Chances are your local studio is offering classes, or you can try out a New York Bodies class—they’re a blast! Get that endorphins flowing and the heart pumping.

Stop and stretch. Dust off the cobwebs and have a gentle stretch. After a day of zoom fatigue, errands, childcare, stress, and more, few things feel better.

Do a facemask. Give your tender face skin some love with a nourishing mask. It’ll clean out your pores, leave your face feeling soft and smooth, and give you a moment’s peace.

Dry brush. There’s no time like the present to give dry brushing the old college try. It stimulates the lymphatic system, exfoliates the skin, and acts as a sensory wake-up call. Splurge on a decadent body oil to hydrate your skin when you’re finished.

Ease tension in your body with a foam rollerWhether you’re still and sore from sitting at your desk all day or feeling muscle fatigue from running around after children, a foam roller will ease all that ails you.

Chill out on an acupressure matOnce you get the hang of these spiky mats you’ll be amazed at how relaxed and comfortable you feel after. It targets all the right spots on your neck and back to relieve tension, soreness, and fatigue.

Treat yourself to a new water bottle. Staying hydrated will make you feel more alert, calmer, and keep your body healthy and functioning. A new water bottle will motivate you to stay on top of it.

For your mind

Listen to a podcast. Popstar Jessie Ware’s podcast, Table Manners, is like chicken soup for the soul. She and her mother cook together and then have celeb guests over for dinner. It’s a delightful peek at their mother-daughter dynamic and a blast to listen to them interact with other stars like Dan Levy and Elizabeth Olsen.

Do a crossword puzzle. Get your mind off your job, the news cycle, and housework with a crossword puzzle of your choosing. It’ll exercise your mind while also providing a relaxing, momentary escape from the bustle of daily life.

Turn off your phone and pick up a book. While we love the convenience of an e-reader, there’s nothing quite like picking up a physical book and getting lost in another world. Light a candle, make some tea and enjoy.

Memorize a poem. Give your brain muscles a gentle stretch and memorize a poem that makes you feel happy, safe, comforted, and/or loved. We’re partial to Kate Baer, Amanda Gorman, Frank O’Hara, and Ocean Vuong.

mediterranean baked salmon with tomatoes, capers, and olivesComfort food

Make some golden milk tea. Turmeric’s numerous health benefits aside, this comforting, flavorful tea latte is as heart-nourishing as it is delicious.

Bake your favorite dessertTaking the time out of your day to bake a decadent treat is one of our favorite forms of self-love.

Treat yourself to a fancy dinner. Indulge in some outdoor dining or order takeout from your favorite dinner splurge spot. We’re talking about the place you pick on your birthday. Go big or go home.

Take a virtual cooking class. Some of our favorite chefs, from Christina Tosi to Alison Roman and Jose Andres are offering either free cooking classes via Instagram live or Zoom classes where you can engage with them. Learn something new and make something ultra tasty.

For your soul

Go on a walk. Few things feel as nourishing as a restorative walk. Make the time to get some fresh air, people watch and get the blood pumping. You never regret a good walk, even if it’s a quick one.

Do a meditation. You’d be amazed at how much better you feel after even a short, 10-minute meditation. It’s an easy way to get back in touch with yourself and your needs.

Take a bathThrow on some Enya, light some candles, and maybe even grab a glass of wine before pouring yourself into a warm, luxurious, bubbly bath.

Text a friend to let them know how much you appreciate them. Connection is everything right now, and even a brief check-in with a friend will keep those bonds close.

Take a napYou’ve earned it.

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