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“The Bath Is Where I Do My Creative Brainstorming”—How Stacie Krajchir’s Daily Rituals Keep Her Inspired

Peek our newest collaboration.

By Camille Styles

Stacie Krajchir is one of those people who just kept crossing my path until I realized—we were destined to be friends. We first met at a Fourth of July parade in Malibu a couple summers back. I had broken my foot a few days before and was hobbling around on crutches and feeling very sorry for myself. A mutual friend introduced me to Stacie, this cool, creative multi-hyphenate, and we spent the rest of the morning deep in laughter-filled conversation.

We didn’t keep in touch, but a few months later, I was browsing my favorite shop in Malibu when my eyes landed on the most exquisite ceramic salad servers. I bought them on the spot and carefully packed them in my suitcase back to Austin where they quickly became one of my favorite pieces to use in our recipe shoots.

Dive Inside Stacie Krajchir’s Creative World

So, I was surprised to receive a DM from the shop owner saying that the maker of the spoons had seen them in one of my Instagram posts and wondered if she could share the image on her own feed. “Of course,” I responded, “But who’s the maker? I need more of her stuff!” If you guessed it was Stacie Krajchir (operating under her studio name, SLO | STUDIO) you’re right. If it was kismet that brought us together, it was a mutual love for each others’ creative pursuits that birthed the launch of our very special Casa Zuma x SLO | STUDIO collection—live on the site today.

On a recent trip to Venice Beach, our team captured Stacie in her studio as she crafted her one-of-a-kind pieces. Today, I’m excited to share her wit and wisdom about art, travel, creativity, and the rituals that fill her days with presence. Scroll on for my interview with Stacie Krajchir and hop over to Casa Zuma to be the first to shop her ceramic nesting bowls. (And of course, the serving spoons that started it all!)

SLO | STUDIO x Casa Zuma Nesting Bowls

Each of these limited-edition sets is shaped by hand in Venice, California. How do we use them? Salts and spices, spreads and dips, honey and butter, and even to hold our jewelry on the bedside table. 

Hand Thrown Antipasto Bowls, Set of 3

SLO | STUDIO x Casa Zuma Ceramic Serving Spoons

You know those items in your home that are small in size but spark ridiculous amounts of joy when you use them? These handmade serving spoons are it, lending wow factor to whatever’s on the table.

Hand-Thrown Ceramic Serving Spoons, Set of 2

What’s something you’re committed to doing every single day, no matter what? 

Sleep. A full, good night’s sleep sets the tone for my day and anything I want to accomplish. I wear earplugs and a silk sleep mask for extra added measure—that’s how serious I am about it. These are necessities for when I travel, too.

I aim to make at least two phone calls each day. Not texts, but old-school calls to friends or family. With everything being so digital now, I committed to more phone calls in 2023. I have lifelong friendships and I want to make an effort to be and stay connected in conversation on a regular basis. 

I cherish doing the New York Times mini crossword with my 11-year-old son Milo. It’s our little bedtime ritual. I love how he really gets into it! He’s quite good. 

How does the design of your space reflect your priorities? 

I’m a Cancerian through and through. This means I surround myself with things I cherish—almost everything in my home holds meaning for me or a cherished memory. From stacks of home design books in every room to large stones collected from beach walks that sit on the sunroom window sill. I cherish my collection of vintage Hawaii books and keep trinkets from here and there, near and far.

There are about 16 years worth of stacked, dried leis from personal or family celebrations and occasions. These things are a constant in an ever-changing life. They bring me comfort, and I have a deep love for small things that feel big in my heart. 

I have a deep love for small things that feel big in my heart. 

What’s the first thing you do each morning? 

There are a handful of birds in the backyard that sing and chirp in symphony outside the bedroom window. It’s a nice, slow, and gentle way to wake. I get to experience a slice of nature as I start my day.

I lie in bed for a few minutes and think about three things that I’m grateful for, saying these things aloud.  Then, I’ll take a moment to visualize the rundown of my day. I try to think of anything ahead that might feel challenging and ask for help or guidance around whatever that is. All of this happens even before my feet touch the ground.

For the first hour of the day, I don’t open my phone.  I will look at the time and turn off my alarm, but I stay off my phone for one hour. This is my sacred time. No incoming information, no visuals, no social media, no texts, or emails.  This silence is when my mind is the clearest and most raw—having this clarity is when big things get worked out. I started this practice about nine months ago. It’s been such a blessing.

I make a cup of Peet’s Garuda Blend coffee. I’ve been drinking Peet’s since college. I’m a loyalist that way with almost everything actually. I have been drinking coffee from the same cup for four years. It’s a ceramic mug I hand-carried from Colectivo 1050 in Oaxaca. It was an incredible trip that sparked so many things inside me. 

I’ll sit in the sunroom and write for a bit. Then I pull a card for the day from my Kim Krans tarot deck. Usually, I do the question and it helps me set the intention for my day. My Casa Zuma mug is part of this ritual. Every week I place a fresh flower in water and it sits along the edge of the window next to my favorite rocks. All of this makes me feel all the good things.

Are there any daily or weekly “chores” you always enjoy?

The pitter-patter of cleaning and tidying the studio. It doesn’t really feel like an obligation. Instead, it’s more of a gift for myself, because I love walking into a fresh clean space to work. When the doors open in the morning and the sunshine pours in, I feel invigorated and excited to create.

About a year ago, I started an accomplishments list in my phone’s Notes app. Every few days, I add an accomplishment. This can be as simple as having a really hard conversation, playing tennis twice this week, or spending time decluttering that drawer. Doing this has shifted my mindset around what I’ve accomplished.

We forget about the little things that are actually the journey to accomplishing bigger things. I looked back at 2022 recently and it was a huge gift to see in writing all the small, big, and in-between things that I accomplished. 

Is there a scent you use to relax? 

I love Papier d’Arménie. They are scented burning papers I discovered when I lived in Paris 30 years ago. The papers come in a booklet and you fold each piece of paper like a small accordion, light it and place it on a glass or ceramic surface. They’ll burn like incense for about five minutes. The scent is rich and feels luxurious.

Milo loves the ritual of burning the paper—we light one at night. I also keep a sheet of them in my closet, drawers, and linen closet. Milo gifts me a new booklet every Mother’s Day. It’s become a sweet tradition.

My friend Satsuki’s balm and candle are intoxicating.  I don’t even need to burn the candle because the scent is just the perfect blend of Amberwood and vanilla. 

I use the balm as perfume when I go out—that’s how sexy it feels!

Does music play a part in your daily life?

Some days yes, others no. I am a huge fan of pure silence. I think that’s part of my ADHD—I need quiet. Pre-podcasts, I would drive from San Francisco to L.A. in silence, with no radio for most of the way. 

Because my mind is constantly going, moving, thinking, and creating, I find that in the silence is when I can hear the most truth and I weave into clarity. 

If I am cleaning the house, hanging with friends, or entertaining the music is on. It’s usually all over the place depending on my mood—De La Soul,  Stevie Wonder, The Eagles, Post Malone, Missy Elliot, Chaka Kahn, Norah Jones, bill withers. 

The silence is when I can hear the most truth and I weave into clarity. 

How do you keep yourself energized throughout the day? 

That’s a hurdle for me. When I go hard,  I go hard and suddenly it’s 3 pm and time for school pick up.  I often set an alarm to remind me to pause three times during the day.

My energizers are a walk, a call with a friend, and reading through a few New York Times articles. It just shakes the snow globe up!

Where do you turn for inspiration when you’re feeling creatively blocked? 

The fastest way for me to shift my creative energy is to shift my environment.

I am surrounded by a lot of books, and I might grab one and sit for  5-10 minutes. Lately, Yung Pueblo and Joan Didion have been getting a lot of love. Or, I grab a magazine or design book for quick inspiration. I will pop over to Pinterest and  IG, but those usually pull me into a bunny hole and I do my best to avoid that these days.

Magic is everywhere. I just have to be willing to stretch outside my comfort zone.

I find that a good field trip is the best remedy for inspiration and spark. Recently, I drove solo in the middle of the day to Nickey Kehoe and +COOP in LA. The visits were just what I needed. There’s creativity flowing in every direction in both shops. They’re the ultimate home general stores.  Not only was it inspiring but I also happened to meet the owner of +COOP unexpectedly when I asked what artist created the installation on the wall. (Turns out, it was her husband who happened to be sitting in the couch in the store.) Magic is everywhere. I just have to be willing to stretch outside my comfort zone.

What do you do to prioritize health and wellness?

I allow myself to say no to things that I really don’t want to do, so I can say yes to the things that I want more of. Setting boundaries is a huge part of my wellness. I’m an extroverted introvert, so I really need quiet and alone time. It recharges me and refills my bucket so I can show up for the people I love and show up for myself. 

I’m also a self-care ninja. I am incredibly in tune with what I might need and I no longer feel guilty about giving that to myself. Whether it’s alone time, a Netflix marathon, a drive along the coast, a quick surf, lunch with a friend, a massage, working out, or shutting my laptop and opening a book for a little bit. I just do it and know I’ll figure out how to return to my regular “scheduled programming” as needed.

Part of my health and wellness is asking myself how I’m feeling emotionally, physically, and mentally and honoring whichever area might need some attention or a boost.

My girlfriends and I started a Sunday evening grounding session. It’s 45 minutes and such a beautiful way to close the week and begin the week ahead. Community is my biggest value, so giving myself [a weekly dose] of it in this way is a huge gift. It’s like going out to hang with the ladies and not having to get dressed!

What’s the best career advice anyone ever gave you? 

You can do  it all, just not all at once. 

How would you describe your work/life balance?

As an entrepreneur who has 11 jobs, I don’t even know how to begin to answer this! I previously worked as a morning show producer. The job description literally said to be a master multitasker. I wore that philosophy as a badge of honor for over 20 years. However, about two years ago I realized multitasking is the most unproductive and unintentional thing I do. Instead, I’ve learned that being intentional about how I spend my time and focusing on less in a given timeframe is a lot more productive for me and far less stressful. So now I have what I call “structured flow.” I use the Pomodoro Technique where I set timer 25 minutes, tackle a task, take a break, and repeat. It has changed my life.

However, lately, a lot of my work entails collaborating with friends which auto-sets that work-life balance in the best way! My work-life balance is much better now and feels more purposeful. 

When I pick up my son I commit to digital detox—zero tech. I shut my phone off and hide my laptop. I want to be present, see what’s happening, listen better, and also be a role model that we don’t need technology to have fun.

What’s the best spot in your house?

The sunroom! It’s my morning afternoon and evening spot. The sunshine pours in and flows into every ounce of your body—it feels healing, energizing, and magiccal. This space is a huge draw for everyone who spends time here. 

What’s one fashion or self-care product you can’t live without?

Serums! My friend who is a beauty editor and knows my obsession with serums just sent me an entire box of face oil, moisturizers, and serums. It’s Christmas every day! I have also used Nivea Essentially Enriches Body Lotion for 38 years! I also love Freedom Moses—the brand has so many colors that fit every mood.

You need to unwind after a long day. What’s your go-to method? 

I take a bath, and if I’m being honest, sometimes twice a day. The bath is where I accomplish creative brainstorming—I bathe the way people lay down for a nap. Sometimes it’s at 3 pm or a standard evening ritual before bed.

What’s your favorite time of day and why?

I love the super quiet solitude of early morning before the world wakes and Sundays during summer between 4 and 7 pm. That is a very magical time of day when everything feels just right.

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