Spreading Kindness: 6 Kids Talk About the Causes That Matter to Them

Your daily reminder to keep it simple.

By Camille Styles
Kids at park with dogs

Sometimes, the best experiences require us to get outside our comfort zones — especially when it comes to living outside ourselves and impacting the people around us.

But there’s no question that generosity sparks joy. And it causes a ripple effect that can make our world a better place.

We all have the responsibility to teach the next generation to give back – and that’s especially true if we’re raising kids of our own. In our latest partnership with our friends at Frost Bank, I decided to ask my kids and a few of their friends about the causes that matter to them — and how they want to spread more kindness in 2020. I also gave them each a Frost It Forward card to give towards a cause they care about. Watch the video above to hear what they said – if you’re like me, their answers will inspire you to keep it simple and think about how you can make a difference. They’ll make you giggle, too.

Kids at park with dogs

“Generosity” can feel like an overwhelming concept, and if it’s not part of our day-to-day, it can be hard to know where to start finding ways to give more to others in need. So like these kids remind us, sometimes simple is best. Maybe it’s something physical like packing granola bars in your car for when you pass by someone who’s hungry, or maybe it’s about giving your time or attention to the people you see every day. When you start looking for them, you’ll see opportunities to work generosity into our everyday lives everywhere around you.

Kids at park

For this post, we teamed up with Frost to show that we can all afford to make a difference in our communities and that generosity naturally creates incredible optimism cycles. Those on the receiving end feel empowered and understood. And those who give are rewarded with a flood of positive emotions that make it easy to do it all again. Do you have some great ideas for generously brightening someone’s day? We want to hear about the the creative ways you’d like to inject a little unexpected joy into someone’s life. You can read lots more about the latest research on the power of optimism and generosity on Frost’s site right here.