*ed. note: During this time of social distancing, our need for community and connection feels stronger than ever. As the Camille Styles team adapts to WFH life (and catches up on regular video calls), it felt like the perfect time to share a more personal side to the editors you’ve come to know through their contributions to this site. These women are some of the most insightful, stylish, and kind humans in my orbit, and I hope you’re as inspired by them as I am. (In case you missed them, meet Hannah, Kat and Michelle) This week in our #StayHome miniseries is our Executive Producer, Chanel Dror Tarlo. Read on for a peek at how she’s staying happy and healthy at home.

1. How (and with whom) have you been spending your time during quarantine?

I’ve been hunkered down at home with my husband and our five-month old boy, and of course little Coco, since mid-March. A few weeks ago, my brother joined the party by flying in from LA. We’re lucky to have a guest house in our backyard where he was able to self-quarantine for a while, and now we’re all spending this time together, enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. With work, the baby, and general housekeeping, my days feel quite full and busy, but we’re taking plenty of breaks to exercise, lay on a blanket in the sun, go on walks around the neighborhood, have a cocktail, and eat something delicious. Things are satisfyingly simple right now!

2. Reading anything good?

I’ve got to admit, my reading totally tanked when our little guy arrived (besides for Gillian Flynn’s thrilling Sharp Objects during late night nursing sessions to keep me awake in those early weeks!) Instead, I’m spending my downtime baking, tending to my roses, and planning for all the home projects I want to take on once quarantine is over. I’m looking at you, master bath!

4. What are you binge-watching?

I’m so glad we held off on watching Season 6 of Schitt’s Creek, because right now, it is hitting the spot. The 20-minute episodes go down easy, and the LOLs are exactly what I need right now. Will probably go through the entire series for the second time once we finish it! We’ve also been waiting for Season 3 of Fauda to come out for what feels like ages, and last week it finally did! It’s taking us longer to get through, but it’s just as suspenseful and exciting as past seasons. So good.

3. What are you cooking? 

I’m lucky – my husband is an amazing cook and he has been cooking up a storm almost every night (last week’s smoked brisket was a highlight, and I made this very yummy grilled romaine salad as a side!) When I’m in the kitchen, I’m typically doing some form of meal prep to get us through breakfasts and lunches with ease. Healthy Banana Bread, these Superfood Breakfast Cookies, baked oatmeals, and Slow Cooker Congee are high on the rotation right now! I heart carbs.

6. Beauty product that makes you feel pampered:

If you know me, you know that I’m a beauty minimalist. Before quarantine I was often barefaced, and that’s continued. When I take the time for self care — typically a once-a-week lengthy bath, followed by all the lotions and serums, it tends to include the following:

5. Go-to stay home outfit?

Now that it’s getting hot here in Austin, I’m busting out my summer uniform: a pair of cutoffs and some kind of cute and comfy top. These cutoffs from Zulu and Zephyr have practically been worn to death, but I can’t stop! And this easy linen top from Show Me Your Mumu is breezy and relaxed.

Otherwise, athleisure is giving me life right now. The odds of me squeezing in an afternoon workout or run while the baby naps are much higher if I’m already dressed the part! Plus, it allows me to feel my most comfy and capable of taking on whatever is on the agenda. The Freeform Unitard from Outdoor Voices is the perfect piece for layering outerwear on top of, like this fleece from Free People that I’m obsessed with right now.

7. Doing any at-home workouts?

Yes! I started Kayla Itsine’s Post-Pregnancy Program about a month ago and it’s been serving me very well. I keep my yoga mat permanently set out in our master bedroom with all my props right next to it so that it’s easier than ever to jump straight into a workout. This program is tailored specifically to postnatal needs which I love, and each one takes 30 minutes tops, so there’s really no excuse!

8. Best immunity-boosting tip:

We’ve all seen the headlines — stress and anger are detrimental to your immunity, and positive feelings of happiness strengthen it. My days have centered around being outside and staying active, soaking up sunshine whenever possible, and focusing my energy on feeling happy and grateful. Add clean eating into the mix, and there you have it — my very low maintenance immunity regimen.

9. Where do you turn when you need a good laugh? (Show, podcast, IG account, family member, etc)

Facetime sessions with friends and family have been a lifeline for us — I prefer the one-on-one calls over group Zooms. It feels like everyone I know has such a flexible schedule right now, that it’s easier than ever to hop on a 30-minute video call with someone who’s typically too busy! I haven’t been this well-connected with long distance friends in ages, and I truly have a smile plastered on my face throughout our entire chat. I love my people!

10. How does living life “like you mean it” look to you right now? 

I am savoring this once in a lifetime chance to spend quality time with my family. Coronavirus or not, it’s challenging to be hands-on with your baby day-in and day-out without the occasional relief of childcare or a relative, but this time has allowed me to feel incredibly bonded with my child, and closer than ever to my husband. I view each day with them as a gift, and if I focus on all the things I am grateful for and all that I have, especially compared to so many others, my heart feels full. Its hard and tiring, but every day I feel like I did my best given these unusual circumstances, and to me, that’s living life with intention.

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  1. 1
    Tina April 24, 2020 at 3:21 pm

    Where are your lovely terra cotta pots from? Been having a hard time finding ones I like!

    • Chanel Dror April 28, 2020 at 10:07 am

      They are all from Miguel’s here in Austin!

  2. 2
    Kelly April 28, 2020 at 12:49 pm

    Hi stan a Chanel Dror house pic situation! LOVE your style, and trying out these cookies!!



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