Bloating can be one of the most uncomfortable and annoying symptoms keeping us from feeling our most vibrant selves. Unfortunately, for many people it’s a way of life – not just due to eating foods that aren’t right for your body, but also in part from the stresses and demands of modern life.

Movement medicine is a powerful tool to have in your wellness arsenal against bloating, because you can actually target the belly and digestive system to relieve the pressure that’s causing it.

Read on for tips from body alignment, fascia, and movement specialist Lauren Roxburgh, aka “The Body Whisperer,” on beating bloat and achieving better core and gut health. She’s sharing a couple methods to try at home! 

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What’s the best way to massage the belly?

The belly can be a difficult area to target and massage using the foam roller (one of my favorite movement medicine tools), which is why I created the Body Sphere.  Its shape is so great for applying soft, gentle and detoxifying pressure on areas of the body, like the stomach. Massaging your belly with the Body Sphere helps free up tension in your belly, decrease bloating, flatten the stomach, and awaken the deep core muscles.

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How is inflammation linked to bloating?

Inflammation is such a buzzword in the wellness world today, but oftentimes inflammation in the gut area of the body can be traced to compression, tension and toxins trapped in the belly. Working on relieving stress and stagnant energy in this area has helped so many of my clients feel so much better physically and more vibrant in general.

Can you share more about the gut-energy-stress connection?

On an emotional level, a lot of us tend to hold blocked emotional energy in the gut, which is why these moves can feel so cathartic as well. On a physiological level, massaging your organs helps calm your nervous system so you can access the important “rest and digest” state that is vital for healing and rejuvenation. Plus, many of my clients report that incorporating belly work on the Body Sphere helps reduce sugar cravings and helps regulate their appetite–all thanks to the way that reconnecting to the deep core helps cultivate a better connection to our hunger levels and gut instinct.

Try It Out

If you want to try a movement medicine sequence for yourself, these sequences will help you become your own Body Whisperer at home with the body sphere (or any soft ball) to help beat bloat and reduce stress:

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Ciao #alignedtribe ? Have you ever rolled your deep core? ?? This helps you tune in to your organs, reduce lower back pain, allows you to strengthen and connect to deep abdominals to build a healthy foundation from the inside out AND connects you to your gut feelings. Science associates these gut feelings with brain cells in the gut or the “second brain” that send a signal to the nervous system – and all too often our gut tends to shut down in response to the fast-paced, over-stressed, survival way of the life today.  Frequently, this area tightens up and clutches when we are under stress or overworked, which results in losing touch with our core, true feelings and insightful intuition. This sequence helps ‘re-organize’ your core and connects you to the deepest muscles of your pelvis and core. ??? This movement medicine reduces inflammation, bloating, while properly aligning the pelvis to its healthy and balanced position, and connect you to your psoas muscles which will help your look and feel taller and even helps flatten the tummy too, not to mention help improve digestion, abdominal organ function ???? try it before you do a core workout and feel the magic ?????? Tag a friend that’s needs some tummy love! ?? Video + my signature Body Sphere available @goop ? ? ? Wearing the latest ??????? And to learn more ways to align your body, mind and heart ?? head to the link in my bio! ? ? Lo

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Happy Monday #alignedtribe ????? We’re thrilled to announce from HQ, the launch our Movement Medicine Monday’s starting today! Every Monday we’ll share a healing move or sequence that will help you shed stress, cleanse your body , mind and heart, restore your Fascia and rejuvenate your entire system! This week we’re sharing some healing belly moves on the #BodySphere ?? to help free up tension in your belly, decrease bloating, flatten your stomach, reduce lower back pain, awaken your deep core muscles and free up blocked emotional energy in your gut. > > > Many of my clients actually report that these move helps reduce sugar cravings and regulate their appetite (which I’ve felt as well ??) I like to explain the deep core like a tree trunk with many rings of layers of tissues, organs, emotions and energy that wraps down into your pelvic floor, into your side body, and inner thighs, down to your feet and weaving up through your upper back tissues. Sooooooo moving energy through this area is essential for true robust vitality ? Plus massaging your organs helps you drop into the calmer state of the nervous system to help your body rest, digest, heal and regenerate. Take time to >> ALIGN ? ? Avoid doing this move if your pregnant, it’s wonderful for the post natal time when getting back into alignment. ——->> Tag a bestie that needs some belly love! Video @leighannmariee #movementmedicinemonday #bodyempowerment #wellnesseducator #mindbodymedicine #bodyfreedom #bodyloveforall #fascia #debloat #alignedliving #flatstomach #selfhealing #bellylove

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