Thanks to new services like the HomeAway Castle Collection (yes, it’s real), you can now enjoy the royal experience without the endless hassles of actual castle ownership. From a perfectly rustic 16th century castle in Scotland to a glittering Disney-like palace in France, we’ve rounded up something for every type of fantasy lover. And while most of these castles don’t have dungeons and moats, they’re fully equipped with all the defenses any modern day princess might need (re: wifi, hairdryer.) Scroll down to discover the details on our 8 favorite real castles you can actually stay in and admit it: there’s really never been a better time to be a commoner.

featured image by Sarah Falugo

Château de Challain

location: Challain-la-Potherie, France

built: 1847

architectural style: néo gothic

sleeps: 55 (23 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms)

Fanningstown Castle

location: Adare, Ireland

built: 1285

architectural style: gothic

sleeps: 10 (5 bedrooms, 2.5 baths)

Kilmartin Castle

location: Argyll, Scotland

built: 1550

architectural style: z frame

sleeps: 10 (5 bedrooms, 5 baths)

Augill Castle

location: Cumbria, England

built: 1841

architectural style: victorian

Sleeps: 34 (10 bedrooms, 8 baths)

Château De Sedaiges

location: Marmanhac, France

built: 1461

architectural style: néo gothic

sleeps: 25 (14 rooms)

Ashford Castle

location: Cong, Ireland

built: 1228 (and expanded later)

architectural style: medieval and victorian

sleeps: 160 (83 bedrooms)

Château de Mirambeau

location: Bordeaux, France

built: 1601

architectural style: néo Louis XIII

sleeps: 80 (40 bedrooms)

Castillo Santa Cecilia

location: Guanajuato, Mexico

built: 1951

architectural style: medeival

sleeps: 200+ (110 bedrooms)

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