A Wellness Guru Cleansed Our Studio

By Jenn Rose Smith
Wellness Guru Shiva Rose on Spacial Clearing

The moment I met Shiva Rose we immediately bonded on our floral namesake. “Sisters!” she said, with the genuine warmth and enthusiasm that defines her. Shiva lives and breathes the spiritual, earthy magic that she shares on her site, The Local Rose. This past April the wellness guru published her first book, Whole Beauty, which provides daily rituals and natural recipes for lifelong beauty and wellness. She’s spent years exploring Eastern traditions including Kundalini and Ayurveda, and has developed her own unique daily rituals. Her book is a work of art, and Shiva’s take on beauty is refreshingly evolved and enlightened.

Wellness Guru Shiva Rose on Spacial Clearing

One of the rituals Shiva recommends is the practice of spacial cleansing, which she started doing when she bought her current home in Los Angeles. “Clearing a space of previous energy is very meditative and a way of hitting reset on your mind, heart, and space, reminding them to stay open so you can receive new blessings,” says Shiva. “Thousands of years ago, people didn’t believe in bacteria because they couldn’t see it. I like to use that metaphor to describe energy. Just because we can’t see energy doesn’t mean it isn’t there.”

That got us wondering: what kind of energy might be hanging around our 100 year old CS Bungalow?

Shiva assured us that no matter what happened in the past, a simple clearing ritual would open up our studio space to maximum creativity and blessings. Watch the video below to see how she cleared our space using copal, sage, and a prayer to call in the four directions.

And pick up a copy of Shiva’s gorgeous book, Whole Beauty, to learn how you can clear your own space and incorporate refreshing rituals into your daily life!

Shiva Rose Whole Beauty

Photos excerpted from Whole Beauty by Shiva Rose (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2018. Photographs by Ngoc Minh Ngo.

Video by Nikki Chanel.