So, What Exactly Is Human Design? We Tapped an Expert to Explain

Get in flow.

By Brandy Joy Smith
brandy joy smith

I’ve always been someone who’s pretty open-minded and curious when it comes to self-help and healing modalities. Knowing deep in my heart that to help others, you have to heal and help yourself first. While on bed rest during my pregnancy with Norah, I was launching my coaching business with a few central goals in mind: creating a career that let me live my life in flow, speaking my authentic truth, and being vulnerable enough to share my stories in hopes of inspiring other women.

Working in an advertorial for the past 11 years as a stylist, I had become really good at connecting with narratives around other people’s ideas and brands… but I had lost touch with my authentic voice.

So, I began looking for tools to help guide me back to my voice as I created a career that worked in flow with my life. During that time, I kept hearing people in the wellness space mention the phrase “Human Design.” 

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This idea of “Human Design” was being used by companies to align their employees (and entrepreneurs to align themselves) in their energy. The intent was to empower them to work with their natural state, versus against it. I quickly found a site to look up my human design profile. (You can look up your chart on Jovian Archive or My Body Graph.) I’ll be honest it’s a little tricky to read these charts. You can probably find out a general sense of your profile with some Google searches, but you’ll want to have your chart read by an expert to go deeper.

After listening to a podcast episode on In Bold Company, I wanted to know more. The podcast featured Victoria Jane, a human design coach. I immediately booked a session with her, and we dove into what it means to be an MG (manifest generator) and how I could apply it to my personal life and the new career I was creating. 

In our one-hour Zoom meeting, she broke down my chart, shared how to best work in flow, and even how I should be making decisions. We talked through things like the best time for me to work, and how long I should ponder questions before making decisions. Fast forward to 2021, I booked my second session with Jane because I wanted to cover nutrition and sleep—two areas of my life that have been in transition postpartum.

While I would love to go into all the details of my personal chart with anyone that will listen, I figured it might be more helpful for you to get a more general introduction to Human Design. After my session, Jane was gracious enough to sit down with me to answer a few general questions about human design that I could share with all of you.

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So, what is human design?

In a nutshell, human design is a system to help us live in more alignment with how our natural energy works.   

How does human design work?

Human design combines ancient systems like the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics to describe our unique energy and gifts. Each person falls into a specific energy type (e.g. Manifestor, Generator, Projector) with a distinct inner authority. Intuitively, I think we all get that we are different and unique, and human design explains why and how that is.

What can I expect from a human design reading?

During a session, people are getting a highly individualized framework to make decisions in alignment and live authentically. The main element is understanding what will work for you and then supporting your inner authority. I see many people who have gotten from A to B on their path by using someone else’s playbook, and they’re feeling tired, unexcited, frustrated, or whatever it may be. All that human design does is help you remember what you already wanted to know about who you wanted to be and what excited you. 

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Why should you do a human design chart?

Society imposes so many ideas, general themes, and ideas around success, and it feels like one-size-fits-all advice. What is helpful about having your human design chart read is, unlocking your unique flow in terms of how to make decisions and how to tune into your intuition (which is different for different people). In human design, we can honor that each type of person can operate in a way that feels easy.

What is the history behind human design?

Human design is relatively new. It was channeled in the late ’80s by a man named Ra Uru Hu. Human design also has a significant component of quantum physics behind it. The basis upon which each person gets their design is based on what neutrinos are streaming through when you’re born.

How can you use human design in motherhood?

I’m so happy that you’re writing this because I think we’ve all had the experience of “oh gosh, if I had just known that this is how I worked when I was younger, how much heartbreak, frustration, or angst that could have saved!” What’s really exciting about mothers knowing about human design is being able to parent accordingly to their children’s design. The system speaks to the new paradigm of parenting that is about supporting your child and who they already are as opposed to who you want them to be. It’s all about knowing that your map and your child’s map may not be the same, but still being able to highlight their needs and their experiences, creativity, nurturing their learning style. 

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Final Thoughts…

Personally, I think every mom is looking for that kind of “leg-up” to authentically connect with their child. We may not always see from the same point of view, but we can get a clearer idea of what their point of view may look like. I can’t wait for my next session with Jane, where I dive into our entire family’s chart and how we can best attempt to live in flow and honor each other’s unique design. 

Make sure to follow on Instagram @victoriajane.hd where she breaks down different parts of human design and profiles. You can download the free HD WorkFlow Guide here to learn more about how to work with your design. To go deeper, book a reading, or sign up for the HD Coaching Certification. HDCC is perfect for any kind of entrepreneur, coach, or manager who wants to use human design to invite more flow into their business and life.

Have you had your human design chart read? What did you think? Share your thoughts below.