What Kind Of Side Hustler Are You?

By Lauren McGoodwin

I’ve always been an avid side hustler. Even now, while running Career Contessa, I still take on the occasional odd jobs on weekends. For me, it’s not only a great way to earn some extra cash, it’s also a way to shake things up by using different parts on my brain. People freelance for a lot of different reasons. Maybe you’re not sure if you’re going to make rent this month and need quick cash now. Or maybe you have a stable income but want to make a little extra money to spend on an upcoming trip. These moments can completely change the type of side hustle you choose. That’s why we set up a quiz to help you determine which side hustle mindset you’re in, so you can find the ideal gig to help you earn the extra money you’re after. Once you’ve taken the quiz, scroll down to read our explanations of five different types of side hustlers and a few projects for each of them.

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Your car broke down, rent is a week away, and you are broke. You need money ASAP and you’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

Sell your clothes

For immediate cash, take the bags straight to a consignment store like Buffalo Exchange. Don’t just throw your stuff into a garbage bag — make sure everything is clean, ironed, and folded, then pack it all in a nice tote. Put two of your nicest items on top of the pile and then mix high-ticket items with low-ticket items from there. If a buyer gets excited about the first few items, she’s more likely to buy, buy, buy.

Sign up for a Fiverr account

You can make money doing almost everything on Fiverr from copywriting to proofreading to logo design. If you have a great voice, you can even try voiceover work. It’s not as immediate as selling all of your stuff, but the cash starts to come quickly.

Stalk NextDoor for odd jobs

NextDoor is technically a digital neighborhood watch, but people often post wanted ads as well for various things. It’s super easy to reply, and it’s much less formal than other helper apps. You can also post a listing saying you’re available as a house sitter, lawn mower, etc.

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You’re making enough money to pay the bills, but really need to pay off that student loan. You’re willing to put in some hours after your day job, but want to try something other than driving for Uber.

Take on copywriting and ghostwriting gigs

If you’re a great writer, using a service like Upwork is an excellent choice for ongoing, albeit sporadic work. For a few months, I ghostwrote articles on companies for a tech site. I only got a few assignments monthly, but each one made me $125 a pop and took me about an hour and a half.

Take surveys

Yes, these really do pay money (as long as you’re using the reliable, big survey sites). You can even multitask at home while watching Netflix. Here is a roundup of the best survey sites.

Give local tours

There are several sites that let you design and plan tours for visitors. Especially if you live in a big city, this is a great way to get creative and get out of the house for a bit. A couple of options include Tours by Locals and Vayable.

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You’re making ends meet and you’re not in debt. Honestly you could skip the side hustle thing entirely, but you wouldn’t mind having some extra cash to take a trip soon.

Airbnb Experience Host

We’re sure that you’re familiar with Airbnb by now. But the latest cool thing about the company is its Experiences section, where you can host any number of activity-based opportunities. Things like shared meals, yoga sessions in the park, or even city tours.

Make your own online courses

Passive income is the best. If you’re an expert on something and are willing to put a little time in first, consider setting up a few courses on Skillshare or Udemy. With a little luck, you’ll earn a constant flow of money without putting much thought in at all.

Work as an online language tutor

Are you bilingual? If so, you can make money just by having conversations in Spanish, French, and Russian online. Not bilingual? You can also tutor non-English speakers abroad vis Skype. Try Wyzant.

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You have a part-time job or enough clients to make working for yourself almost viable. You just need one more steady source of income to take the plunge.

Dog sit/walk

If you’re working from home and love pets, signing up for Rover is a genius idea. You can spend your lunch hour doing dog walks or offer up your house as a mellow dog daycare. Plus, this was Emily Henderson’s side gig when she was first starting out!

Become a virtual assistant or online customer service rep

Outsourcing to the Internet is real, so why not get in on it? Try services like Belay Solutions, Fancy Hands, and Live Ops.

Build Squarespace sites

Chances are you’re fairly web savvy, but there are a ton of people who aren’t. Offer your services to people or business you know to get them set up on Squarespace. If you’re a good writer, you can also offer to copywrite their About page and other content as well.

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Maybe you’re not sure what you want to do next, so you want to use a side hustle to test some things out. Or maybe you know that you want to start a new career and want to use a side hustle to get there.

Work in customer service at companies that interest you

It’s the easiest way to get your foot in the door and you’ll learn exactly how the company works, plus improve your communication skills. Many companies let their customer service reps determine their own hours or work remotely.

Offer your skills to small businesses

For example, if your goal is to get into marketing, offer your services to small businesses in exchange for a monthly stipend. The Financial Diet recommends that you put together packages at different levels so clients know exactly what they’re getting. The same applies to any field — PR, finance, recruiting, etc. Don’t forget to add your work to your online portfolio!

Search “remote work” or “work from home” on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Career Contessa

This is a deep dive but you never know what you’ll find. Searching for terms like “remote” make it more likely to be a part-time gig.

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