Why Rebounding Will Be Your New Favorite Cardio

Bounce that stress away.

By Phoebe Neuman

Rebounding (the technical term for jumping on a tiny trampoline) is actually nothing new. The exercise was first made popular in the ‘80s by NASA astronauts (yes, really), and it’s now made a comeback in a major way. And as our favorite Body Whisperer and founder of the Aligned Life fitness program Lauren Roxburgh clued us into, it’s for good reason. Getting in just 15 minutes of bouncing does far more than getting your heart rate up or breaking a sweat

“Rebounding is like giving every cell in your body a massage,” Lauren explains. Which means, your whole body will benefit from some time on the trampoline.

The best part? All you really need to see the benefits (which we’ll get into in a minute) is a rebounder. Of course, you’ll still have to put in the work and break a sweat, but you’ll feel like a kid while doing it. Read on to discover Lauren’s top reasons to get bouncing — stat.

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Rebounding Flushes Fat

We all know that cardio is one of the keys to kick start metabolism and kick unwanted fat to the curb. But for many, pounding the pavement on a run or heading to a spin class is too high-impact to make it an everyday exercise (or in this writer’s case, just terribly un-fun), and that’s why Lauren so highly recommends rebounding. “Studies have shown that rebounding is up to 50 percent more effective at improving cardiovascular health than running,” she explains, “plus, it is so low impact — I’ve seen women well into their 80s keep up a regular routine.”

An added bonus? You don’t need an elaborate routine to get your heart pumping and promote weight loss. Lauren actually recommends staying away from anything too complicated (like those combo Zumba/rebounding classes you’ve likely seen on your gym’s schedule) if you’re new to rebounding.

Just throw on some music, get on the trampoline, and bounce for 15 to 20 minutes a day to start seeing results.

If you’re looking for a bit more guidance, Lauren’s 10-minute workout for BeFiT is a great place to start.

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Rebounding Boosts Your Mood

Beyond the plain fun of tapping into your inner trampoline-loving child by hopping on the rebounder, the workout has proven mood boosting benefits. “Trauma lives in the tissue,” explains Lauren. “So when you bounce, you’re helping release all of that tension and negative emotion, and heightening the effect of all of those good feelings you would get after any intense workout.” Lauren also notes that the focus required not to bounce off your rebounder and into the next room stimulates all parts of your brain, making you feel less stressed, more focused, and more connected to your body. All things we likely could use a little bit more of.

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Rebounding is Seriously Strengthening

“Rebounding is what astronauts do when they return to earth,” Lauren explains, “because it is such a strength builder – it really strengthens you on a cellular level.” Every time you jump up and hit the tramp, you’re making your lungs, heart, bones and muscles just a little bit stronger. Effects you’ll only see intensify you throw in a couple of free weights to tone your arms, or combine a Pilates-style workout on the front or backend of your rebounding session.

Plus, all of the core engagement it takes to keep your body upright as you jump not only helps etch out your abs, but strengthens your pelvic floor as well. (Hello, better sex!)

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Rebounding Promotes Cleansing

The massage your cells get from all of that bouncing not only causes you to work up a sweat, it also flushes your lymphatic system, which can help boost your metabolism and ease your digestive system. Not only does that make your tummy feel a little bit better, but Lauren often sees her clients skin start to glow as any toxins lingering around in their bodies get kicked to the curb. “I really recommend dry brushing before you get on the rebounder,” Lauren told us. “Getting rid of all of your dead skin cells will help you sweat out all of your toxins more efficiently, which can result in tighter, brighter, skin.”