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The Two Words You Need to Drop From Your Emails Immediately

October 16th, 2017

There’s plenty of advice out there about words you should drop from your vocabulary. When it comes to public speaking, the list is pretty obvious. Avoid all likes and ums. Skip filler words like I feel like… and I think that… However, beyond the general advice, there are a couple other words to avoid that you may not have considered…

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  1. Laura says:

    Great advice. I’ll bet we overuse “but” and “actually” in blog posts as well. I’m going to look back over some emails and post drafts to see if I’m guilty of both. Thanks for a useful heads up

  2. Thank you for this. Makes a lot of sense.

  3. Great tips! I never thought about the negative effects of these words. But it makes perfect sense.

  4. Great advice! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    xo, Elisabeth

  5. Kelly says:

    Good point! Thank you for those tips!

  6. Thank you Lauren for sharing this enlightening article. Right after reading your entire page and comments I went straight to my emails and text messages. I then read and reviewed what I have been writing in my responses. Sure enough I caught some emails with negative thinking and filler words. Most of the words I had written have already been shared in the comment section of this article. However, I did catch a few I noticed I used quite a bit. “Okay so” and “I can’t” Those two stood out the most. Thanks to your advice I will now focus more on my wording before hitting the send button. Have a blessed day

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