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modern holiday table

Laura Vinroot Poole

By / December 2nd

Laura Vinroot Poole might be my entertaining kindred spirit. Not only does her home strike that elusive balance between being classic yet still edgy (can we please talk about the wallpaper and …read more

homemade pizza

Shannon Eddings

By / October 6th

Whoever said kids have no place at a cocktail party must have never met Shannon Eddings. Not unlike her interiors, this Austinite’s gatherings are classic and tasteful, but always with a hint of …read more

Cooking with Huckle & Goose | Camille Styles

Huckle & Goose

By / September 17th

I don’t need a personal chef — I enjoy cooking too much to hand that task off to someone else. I don’t even want someone to go grocery shopping for me, because strolling through the farmer’s market …read more

The Penobscot Bay, Maine

Isabel Gillies

By / September 2nd

I’ve never been to Maine, but I know I’d love it there. Growing up, one of my close friends headed east each summer to spend 6 weeks rope swinging and …read more



By / August 14th

Today’s Entertaining With feature has us flush with emotion. As a Camille Styles intern, Cara Greenstein rocked our worlds with her love of everything food, and her knack for whipping …read more

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Richard and Jordan

By / July 29th

Caviar and vodka — leave it to the French to conceive of the most perfect simple pairing, and leave it to Chef Jordan Muraglia and artist Richard Bropae to make it look this amazing for …read more

cookie decorating

Mer Mag

By / July 15th

I don’t think of myself as a jealous person, but that little kid inside me is green with envy over this wonderful, whimsical children’s party. Hosted by the ever-talented Merrilee …read more

Entertaining With Suzanne Karotkin and Gaines Kilpatrick | Camille Styles

Suzanne and Gaines

By / July 7th

There are big personalities, and then there are Texas-sized ones. The Kilpatrick family of the Wild River Ranch in Sisterdale, Texas have managed to achieve modern-day legend status across the …read more