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Entertaining With Suzanne Karotkin and Gaines Kilpatrick | Camille Styles

Suzanne and Gaines

By / July 7th

There are big personalities, and then there are Texas-sized ones. The Kilpatrick family of the Wild River Ranch in Sisterdale, Texas have managed to achieve modern-day legend status across the …read more

picnic on the beach // Entertaining with DeNai Jones

DeNai Jones

By / June 24th

If I had to choose the fantasy that I return to most often, it would be to live near the beach. There’s nothing that relaxes me like the sound of …read more

Entertaining With Katie Turpin | Camille Styles

Katie Turpin

By / June 17th

I’ll never forget meeting Katie Turpin for the first time at Camille’s San Antonio book signing — it was a cold winter’s night and she stood out (in a sea …read more

moms and kids craft time

Rachel Blumenthal

By / May 19th

Explaining why Rachel Blumenthal is awesome in one short paragraph is no easy feat. With a stellar background in the fashion industry (think YSL and Rachel Leigh Jewelry and Warby Parker), it’s no surprise …read more

Juley Le entertaining with dog

Juley Le

By / April 20th

Do you ever wish you could streamline your aesthetic? As someone who dances up and down the style spectrum (urban one day, preppy the next; neutral-loving today, color-hungry tomorrow), I’ve …read more

Roséline This Is Glamorous coffee table

This Is Glamorous

By / April 7th

Since the launch of our Entertaining With series (almost three years ago!), we’ve showcased everything from a hearty supper in the Virginia countryside to a stunning summer lunch on a Manhattan rooftop. All …read more

Punch Cups

Adam Jacoby and Kris Swift

By / March 11th

Adam Jacoby and Kris Swift have mastered the art of the dinner party, and it’s no surprise. As real-life partners and the duo behind Austin’s popular Jacoby’s Restaurant & Mercantile, the two …read more

Eleanor Bartosh and Adam Rasmus

Adam and Eleanor

By / March 4th

photographed by kate lesueur When we were working with Eleanor and Adam last fall to do an “Entertaining With” feature, we got an unexpected but exciting call. “We may have …read more

Color Palette

Métier Cook’s Supply

By / February 17th

Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher have come a long way since their time working the restaurant business in New York City. Today, this culinary-inclined couple is settled in Texas with not one …read more