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Embracing Your Best Self :: Annie of SkinOwl

For the final installment of our Embracing Your Best Self series, we’re turning to Annie Tevelin of SkinOwl. As an admitted skincare nut myself (and huge fan of SkinOwl products), I was so thrilled to hear that with the help of photographer Robyn Eden, Maja would be peeking into the life of this seriously inspirational entrepreneur… read more

Embracing Your Best Self :: Tara of Happy Hemp

Forget everything you thought you knew about hemp: for the next installment of our Embracing Your Best Self series, Maja interviews Tara Miko, founder of Happy Hemp, who spills on this super food and her many other healthy lifestyle choices. She also recently introduced us to our favorite new snack, toasted hemp seeds! By the way,… read more

Embracing Your Best Self :: Maja of kor180

Morning, friends! Hope y’all are enjoying our January journey to becoming the healthiest, happiest, most creative selves we can be. We’ll be rounding out the month with a fun interview series called Embracing Your Best Self, and I’m super excited to kick things off with one of my newest friends Maja, founder of kor180. Maja is one of… read more

This Month :: Embracing Your Best Self

As much as I’ve loved these last few months of holiday revelry on the blog, decking the halls and indulging in comfort food faves… I am so ready to shake it all off and welcome in the NEW this month! (who’s with me?) January really is a time for clean slates and fresh starts, and as… read more

Sweet Nothings :: Cherry-Chocolate Madeleines

Goodbye January, with all your demands of healthy behavior and resolution-keeping…hello February, month of little love notes, feminine frills and lots of chocolate! Hope y’all enjoyed our Embracing Your Best Self series, and that it challenged you to start a journey to becoming the happiest, healthiest, most creative self you can be. Over the next couple of… read more