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Join Us for the #31Mornings Challenge!

December 19th, 2016

Alright you guys, we’re kicking off 2017 with quite possibly my favorite project we’ve ever done on the team and I have been planning the #31Mornings Challenge for months now, and I’m thrilled to finally spill the details today. The challenge kicks off January 1st, and we’re inviting YOU to join us in making the first 31 days of the year your best ever. Keep scrolling to hear how it’ll go down… And for those of you who stick with us ’til the end, you’ll automatically be entered to win some amazing prices: One (1) $1,000 gift card to Lululemon and two (2) $500 gift cards to Whole Foods Market!

*If you’re looking for your weekly breakfast shopping lists, head right over here! 

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  1. Cheri Riehle says:

    My mom passed away this past April. I have been working so hard these past months to recover and reestablish my self and try to find happiness again…I am happy to say that I am on the right road. This challenge is just what I need to seal the deal!! Thank you!!

  2. This sounds like just what I need–and a great way to start the new year off. I’m all signed up and ready for this challenge!

  3. Samantha Lee says:

    Oh my gosh, YES. I am the farthest from a morning person, but on the (ver,y very rare) mornings I get up early and am not EXHAUSTED, my day goes so much better. 🙂

  4. Bree Wiz says:

    Thank you Camille! This sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful way to start my day~

  5. Kelly Colchin says:

    This is awesome! I also love mornings, but I signed up anyhow and am excited to see the emails in my box.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I’m stressed out by how close that vase of flowers is to the bed. 🙂

  7. Yuu says:

    Hi there! Interesting project. However, some of us are living in Asia, so we might not get the mails in the morning ?

  8. anie says:

    I am all signed up and have gotten my first email yay!!! I don’t know how I am supposed to “remember” to make the granola though…is there a part I am missing, like an overall plan somewhere? I do have the shopping list, but not know what to do with it until the day of is a bit tricky.

    • Thanks Anie, this is a great point! Based on the feedback, we’re going to add an overall meal plan tomorrow so that y’all can sufficiently plan of the day ahead. So excited you’re joining us for this! xoxo

  9. Prissi says:

    I signed up yesterday and have still not gotten any of the emails 🙁 I checked my spam filter, too. I didn’t even get a confirmation email saying I’d signed up, or “click here to confirm”, but got a response saying I’d signed up on the website (probably something like “success” with a green checkmark.

    • Hi Prissi! Have you checked your email account to see if you have any filters setup? Sometimes people may inadvertently have a setting on that filters out any mailings coming from Mailchimp (the email service that we use), so that’s the only fix I can think of. Fingers crossed it gets straightened out because I would love for you to be getting these. xoxo

      • Prissi says:

        I don’t, and I’m able to get mailings from other people that use mailchimp just fine 🙁 I can try another email address, I guess. I signed up yesterday (1/1), didn’t get anything, but figured it might NOT send out an email if I’d already missed the time when the emails are sent, so I waited till today. Can you confirm if I’m supposed to get an email confirming that I subscribed successfully, or do I have to wait till tomorrow’s email gets sent? Thanks so much for all your help.

        • Thanks Prissi – there’s actually no confirmation email, so the first email you should receive will go out early morning the day after you sign-up. Fingers crossed you get one today! xo

          • Prissi says:

            Sadly, no. ;______;

          • Thanks Prissi, we are manually adding you to the list, so fingers crossed you get it tomorrow morning!

          • Prissi says:

            Thanks so much for all your help! So funnily enough, your manual add did indeed work, and I started receiving the emails the next day (Day 4). Before you manually added me though, I had signed up with 2 other email accounts. I started receiving emails there, too, starting on Day 4 for one (the second address I had tried with, on day 2) and Day 5 for the other (the first email address I had tried to sign up, on Day 1) — I also checked spam but nothing showed up! Not sure what happened there, but thank you again for the help.

          • So weird, but also — SO happy that you’re receiving the emails now! 🙂 Thanks Prissi!

  10. I signed up, but got my first email on Day 14. How can I get older emails? I’d still like to do 31 days… just may need to go in to Feb. 🙂

  11. Leeanna Magnuson says:

    I just saw this as well and have already started my 31 days as well and will go into February. I feel so much better already by just taking the time to eat breakfast and do my stretches; what a difference. My daughter has been up every morning doing this with me and I hope this will stick with her as well as myself.

  12. Andrea Haw says:

    Signed up rather late in the game, but I will be perusing the previous posts for ideas. I’m up at 4:15, and out the door by 5:10 to catch my train at 5:28 (everything down to the minute when you take public transport, lol!), so I don’t have breakfast till I get to work, but I will look for things that are easy to make the night before and take to work. Will also be making a point to do a few of the morning moves. It’s amazing how much better I feel when the blood is circulating early in the morning. Just as a nod to those who despise mornings, I can barely crawl out from under the covers before 8am on my days off. My body seems to KNOW I don’t have to get up.

  13. Holly says:

    I use the daily inspiration to point myself in the right direction. It helps me keep myself balanced. I also like the challenge of learning a new “daily move”. We began a healthy lunch club at work. Each day a staff member cooks a meal for co-workers. The only requirements…..that it be healthy, vegan, high protein, low sugar. Thus far, a very positive experience. Thanks for providing such great recipe ideas.

  14. Katherine says:

    Hi – I also signed up late, but would like to access the previous emails – is there a way to do that? Thanks!

  15. Analiese says:

    Is there a way to see all of the emails that have been sent? I signed up late in the challenge and I would love to start it from the beginning.

  16. Lori Baranowski says:

    Camille, I’m loving the 31 mornings challenge! I really will be sad when it ends. I had hand surgery the beginning of January and your email really helped me. It was the first thing in the morning I looked at and it helped motivated me. Thanks…any chance you will make it a 365 morning challenge? A girl can dream right? ?

  17. sarah hovsepian says:

    This challenge has been AMAZING. I try to live a healthy lifestyle but this challenge has kept me consistent! I’m going to continue this throughout 2017. Thanks:))

  18. Jennifer Nelson says:

    Thank you so much for putting together the 31 mornings challenge. I have to confess I feel a little emptiness each morning now that the challenge is over! The recipes were healthy and delicious, and it was great to have manageable-sized yoga poses and meditations to jump start the morning. The Camille Styles website is wonderful and I look forward to similar events in the future!

    • Jennifer Rose Smith says:

      Wow! Thanks, Jennifer. We loved every moment of putting the campaign together and it’s so great to hear this sort of feedback from readers like you. We hope to do more fun things in the future!

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