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The 90 Day Guide to Landing a New Job

March 7th, 2017

All signs point to it being time to move on. You’re faking sick, doing the bare minimum work, and dreading Mondays. But your job also pays good money, and you’re living an OK life on that salary. So you put off launching your job search week after week, trying to ignore the frustration you feel at yourself for doing nothing.

It’s one thing to find a job when you’re unemployed. Sure, it’s terrifying — but when you have no choice and all the time in the world, you can dive into finding your next great gig with a sense of immediacy and purpose. How do you apply that same feeling to job searching when you’re gainfully employed?

My team at Career Contessa and I asked a couple of our mentors to give us their best pointers. Below, we’ve got a guide for how to run your job search successfully in just 90 days, all while working your full-time job. Happy hunting.

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2 Comments under :: The 90 Day Guide to Landing a New Job
  1. Kate says:

    This post struck a chord with me, but after years of daydreaming and becoming frustrated with a lackluster sales career, I’ve come to the conclusion that the perfect “job” for me is one I create myself. Last year I officially started a side business doing marketing/design, and I LOVE doing that work. I think I could be successful doing it full time, but find it difficult to let go of my salary and take the plunge. Any advice?

  2. Rae says:

    Some fantastic advice. I’ve got a job interview next week and this really helps. Thank you!

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