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How To Score That Entry-Level Job with Zero Experience

May 15th, 2017

You’ve graduated, worked internships, maybe even freelanced. But how do you make the jump to actually start your career and find a job with zero experience under your belt? It’s a common issue – while you may have excelled at school, once you’ve dropped off the cap and gown, you’ve got a nearly blank resumé. But don’t worry, my team at Career Contessa and I have got you covered with tips on how to nail your dream job in no time.

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6 Comments under :: How To Score That Entry-Level Job with Zero Experience
  1. Kelly says:

    Great tips! Building a portfolio is a must! Thank you!

  2. PakSkills says:

    Thank you for this post.. Really appreciate your writing skills. What an informative and needful post indeed.

  3. This is so helpful! As someone finishing up graduate school and starting to apply for “big girl” jobs, I appreciate the insight!

    Megan | |

  4. Samantha B says:

    I’ve been volunteering and working on paid gigs within the events industry while studying Event management and have found that the experience is really helping me get further in my study’s
    This has been not only an insightful read but I’m sure so helpful to a lot of people !!

  5. girlingamba says:

    This is so incredibly helpful! Job searching is such a struggle and landing that job sometimes seems nearly impossible! I’m definitely going to use these tips and I hope that I can land that full-time job!


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