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Why Probiotics Are The Next Big Thing in Skincare

June 11th, 2018

The world of skincare can be an intimidating place, indeed. There are so many products, so many ingredients. Should you use alpha hydroxy acids? Glycolic acid? Retinol? Or simply soap and water (or, let’s be real, cleanser and SPF because no self-respecting girl uses actual soap on her face!)? So, I’d understand if your reaction to the concept of probiotics in skincare is to roll your eyes and think that the next complexion fad is rolling in—but, I’m telling you, this is the skin care ingredient that you need to know about, now.

Just like in your gut, probiotics create balance in your complexion when things get out of whack. But unlike harsher ingredients, these friendly bacteria won’t stress out or irritate your skin, leaving you with all of the benefits without any of the downsides. Whether in cleanser, moisturizer, or mask form, try adding some probiotics to your skin routine—and let me know in the comments if they work as well for your visage as they do for mine!

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  1. I have never thought of translating what works for a healthy gut to skincare but it makes a lot of sense! Thanks for the interesting read and product recommendations!

    Rae |

    Check out YEOJA Mag as well!

  2. OH LA LATKES says:

    Thank you for sharing! I did not know that probiotics can be used on our skin as well. But it makes sense. If they’re good for our gut, why not incorporating them to our skincare routine? I’m most intrigued by the products by Tata Harper and Biossance.


  3. barbara a baxter says:

    i live in ft worth tx 76116 where do i buy the product

  4. […] Why probiotics are the next big thing in skincare. […]

  5. Will have to give probiotics a go!

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