“The Shower” Routine Aesthetic—How This Luxe Self-Care Trend Is Making Us Rethink Our Bathing Rituals

A new way to indulge.

By Isabelle Eyman

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Just as every word can now end in “core” and become a movement, the same goes for “Tok.” BookTok. BeautyTok. And now… #ShowerTok. At the time of this article’s publication, the term “aesthetic shower routines” has 39 million views. Videos feature close-ups of shimmery body butters, beautifully lined-up bottles, and #unwindwithme routines. In true social media form, the content is quick, easy to consume (and obsess over), and definitely aspirational. But what is the shower routine aesthetic? And have we collectively moved on from baths and adapted the once-humble shower as our new rinsing ritual? Let’s dive in.

Featured image by Michelle Nash.

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What is “The Shower”?

We live and breathe Pinterest’s annual trends report. Without fail, when it releases in the fall, the Camille Styles team pours over its digital pages, checking to see whether our predictions match the data. The trend I was perhaps most surprised to see? Pinterest reported a 460% increase in searches for “shower routine aesthetic.” Related searches included everything from shower bombs to shower walk-ins—proving that this is a trend that encompasses both beauty and design.

Some factors driving the trend:

  • a widespread push toward water conservation
  • the need for increased floor space
  • an accessible, spa-like bathroom experience

It’s also a trend that’s evolved with our understanding of hair care. Since learning that we should only be washing our hair a few times a week (if that), folks are making the most of their wash days—seeing them more as an opportunity for self-care than a dreaded obligation to put off as long as you can.

Shanika Hillocks, shower routine aesthetic
Image by Michelle Nash

How to Create a Shower Routine Aesthetic

After uncovering Pinterest’s prediction, I started noticing people referring to “The Shower” (with the intended capitalization) everywhere. It’s thrown out casually in GRWM Reels and YouTube vlogs. Even while listening to my go-to, Gen Z guilty pleasure podcasts, I’ve noticed the common use of the term. Trinity Tondeleir, host of The Wellness Café podcast, threw out The Shower when describing her ideal bounce-back-from-a-hangover routine. “Do all the products, all the hair masks, your favorite shampoo and body wash.”

The vibes are abundant and nearly excessive. Creating your shower routine aesthetic is about making a necessary task a moment of relaxation and ease during your week.

Ideas for Designing Your Shower Routine Aesthetic

  • String eucalyptus on your shower head. You’ve probably seen this easy DIY on social. It adds a pretty pop of color while infusing your shower with the fresh and clean, mint-like scent of eucalyptus. The perfect excuse to make a trip to Trader Joe’s.
  • Close the door. Simple, but crucial. If you want to truly reap the skin-cleansing benefits of a little steam (and ensure you’re not letting in any of the outside chill), shut the door. Bonus points if you invest in underfloor heating.
  • Create a soothing color palette. Neutral accessories are the name of the game. Opt for towels and a bath mat in hues that instill a sense of calm in your bathroom. Or, if you’re doing a complete design overhaul, incorporate colors—whether your shower tiles or wall paint—that are all about ease. Our Design Editor Stacey recommends aiming for blues, greys, and cool whites.
  • Clear the clutter. There’s nothing more vibe-zapping than a cluttered space. Leave only the essentials—and find other homes for the rest.
  • Update your shower head. Swapping out your shower head for a custom option is easier than you think. Opt for one that filters your water (see below), a rain head, or whatever you prefer to guarantee an even, steady flow.
washing face, shower routine aesthetic
Image by Michelle Nash

Your Shower Routine Aesthetic Starter Pack: 12 Products for the Best Wash Day, Ever

Prose Custom Shampoo

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Sachajuan Thickening Conditioner

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Saltair Pink Beach Body Wash

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Versed Buff It Out AHA Exfoliating Body Scrub

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Nécessaire The Body Ritual

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OSEA for Parachute Calm Shower Mist

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Jolie The Filtered Showerhead

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Dried Eucalyptus Stems

u003cpu003eFor eucalyptus that’ll last in your shower forever, opt for this set of 10 pre-dried stems.u003c/pu003e

Crown Affair The Towel

u003cpu003eDrop the terry and ditch the damaged strands. Cult-favorite brand Crown Affair designed this gentle microfiber waffle knit towel that quickly and effectively absorbs water without causing breakage.u003c/pu003e

One Wednesday Braided Bath Mat

u003cpu003eI didn’t know it was possible to love a bath mat this much. This braided pick combines fast absorbency with a sleek and cozy, minimalist style. Made of 100% Turkish cotton, it’s the little touch of luxe your shower routine aesthetic is calling for.u003c/pu003e

Parachute Cotton Cloud Robe

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