Your Most Flattering Eyeshadow Shade

In my unofficial studies (read: in my casual polling of friends) it seems that, somehow, eyeshadow is one of the most intimidating products in the beauty world. Not eyeliner, not lipstick, not even self-tanner. Somehow, of my non-beauty-editor friends, not one wears eyeshadow. And I’m not quite sure why. Compared to eyeliner and mascara, shadow […]

Beauty Brush Breakdown

Whenever a friend tells me that she’s “terrible with makeup,” I can usually infer that, in reality, she just has no idea how to apply it. And, honestly, I don’t blame her — there are so many different brushes and applicators out there, I’m sure it seems impossible to determine with brushes are used for […]

How to Pull Off a Bright Lip

What’s your beauty comfort zone? Most of us have one, whether we realize it or not — the exact makeup combo (or lack thereof) that makes us feel most like ourselves. For me, it’s a defined eye (no such thing as too much mascara for this girl!) with a pinky-nude lip. Though I love a bold […]

Are You Using the Right Eye Treatment?

Some might see the words eye cream and think “God, I can’t really be old enough for that, right?” — but, thanks to my mother teaching me right in my early years, I’ve always understood that taking care of the eye area should be a normal part of one’s skin care routine, regardless of age. […]

The Beachy Beehive

When our photographer showed up for our most recent shoot with an intern who looked like this, we simply had to figure out a way to get her in front of the camera. We were already working with senior stylist Erica Rae of ROAR Salon on several fun looks for fall, but we put her […]

Summer Hair Damage Repair

Despite the fact that typical ideas of “beachy summer hair” conjure up visions of  sun-kissed highlights and tumbling, shiny waves — well, the reality of harsh sun, humid air and salty or chlorinated swims can mean that, come August, one feels less, well, mermaid-like than she imagined. Thankfully, all is not lost! Whether your hair […]

Flat Iron Waves

Second day hair, model off-duty hair, tousled bed head… whatever you like to call it, it seems like everyone is trying to master those perfectly messy waves these days. (We’ll be the first to admit that we’ve tried all kinds of techniques — with mixed results.) When Senior Stylist Erica Rae of Roar Salon told us […]

Balayage Highlights

When stylist and salon owner Rory McNeill first told us about “balayage” highlights, we were skeptical. Isn’t that just, like, another buzz name for the same regular ol’ highlights we’ve been getting for years? We visited Rory at ROAR Salon to discover that (happily) we couldn’t be more wrong. Balayage highlights are actually a legitimately new […]

Nails & Cocktails

Y’all know that I love a great summer cocktail — and who doesn’t love a bright summer mani?! – so I couldn’t have been more ready to dive into summer with Target Style for a little shindig that’s all about experimenting with some new nail colors inspired by my favorite cocktail of the season: this […]

Bardot-Inspired Summer Makeup

One of the trends we’re loving for summer is a strong liquid-lined eye paired with a nude lip: some might say it’s a Lana Del Rey kind of thing, but we’d rather cite 60’s French film star Brigette Bardot. “Bardot is one of the original bombshells but anyone can pull off this look,” says makeup […]

Pucker Up for National Kissing Day

Is it just me, or does it seem like almost every day is a “National Something Day”? Whether it’s a day dedicated to pizza or siblings, it seems like every day on the calendar now has its own social-media theme. I have to admit, I’m reluctant to get on board with most of these “insta-trends” […]

How to Have Pretty Feet all Summer Long

It never ceases to amaze me how tough the summer months are on my feet. In cooler weather, when my tootsies are safely enclosed in their socks and shoes, foot maintenance is a breeze — a scrub every once in awhile, followed by a fresh coat of polish, is all it takes to keep my […]

Packing for a Destination Wedding

*this post is sponsored by COVERGIRL – thanks for supporting our partners! There’s nothing better than sharing a special day with people we love, and we happen to think it can be even better when it’s in an exotic location! As much as we might complain about footing the bill for attending destination weddings (see this post from […]

Pool Proof Makeup

We’ve all seen that girl at the pool. You know the one: with full-on pancake makeup and flat ironed hair, awkwardly positioned on her towel to avoid a single drop of water from ruining the masterpiece. Needless to say, we NEVER want to be that girl! We want to be the one who’s up for […]

Game of Thrones Inspired Braid

With an office full of individualistic women, our tv tastes don’t always align (Chanel loves VEEP, Camille never misses Nashville, and I remain firmly opposed to The Bachelor). But lately every Monday morning we can’t wait to discuss the one show we all watch and love — HBO’s Game of Thrones. We’re gearing up for the […]

Life-Changing Products from Beauty Insiders

So, a story: when pitching ideas for this column for spring, the lovely Camille herself suggested that I do a story on beauty insiders’ favorite beauty products. Of course, I agreed — what better than to feature all of my favorite ladies, and cop their Holy Grail products and tips while I was at it? […]

Secrets to Perfect Summer Skin

I’ve always found it kind of hilarious that summer has a reputation for being this super-sexy, sultry season. Yes, we’re all dressed skimpier, but sometimes those bikinis can reveal even more than we want them to: I’m talking razor burn, dry skin, not-so-pleasant odors, sunburns and everything else that comes along with long hot days. […]