Best Teeth Whitening Products

The new year is a perfect time for fresh starts — and, since my self-pampering routine took a major hit amidst the craziness of December, I’m starting off the year with some beauty resolutions to go alongside my financial/spiritual/self-betterment goals. Besides for the obvious intentions of keeping my eyebrows plucked, my nails chip-free (bare nails […]

The Post Work Out Pony

Hair, tutorial and concept by Maritza Buelvas | Photography by Cassandra Eldridge | Makeup by Brenda Arellano | Modeling by Willow Star This time of year most of us are dead-set on getting to the gym, and can we all agree that one of the hardest things about working out everyday is figuring out how […]

Pregnancy Skincare 101

It’s one of the “joys” of pregnancy: crazy hormones send your skin into a tailspin of dryness, acne, or redness, but there’s such a dearth of research out there about what treatments are safe to use during pregnancy that launching any kind of new product regimen can be scary. Now that I’m on my second go round, […]

Shimmery New Year’s Eve Makeup

After working with her on our New Year’s Eve Space Jam shoot, everyone in the office is pretty much obsessed with makeup artist Laura Martinez. She always looks flawless herself, and the subtle glittery looks she created for the story were just too good not to share. We met up with Laura at Roar Salon […]

Which Pricey Beauty Products Are Worth The Splurge?

Let me start with a disclaimer: I am not one of those girls that thinks that if a beauty product is more expensive, that automatically means that it’s a better product. I’ve used more than enough super-cheap, super-awesome products (hello, $3 NYC Liquid Eyeliner), as well as products that were both expensive and disappointing, to […]

Textured French Twist

We love this time of year for so many reasons — but the opportunity to get glammed up is at the top of the list! Between work parties, family gatherings, and new year’s eve soirées, we’ll have plenty of excuses to break our best party dresses in the weeks to come. We met up with […]

Best Beauty Gifts 2014

‘Tis the season: for socializing, merrymaking, and, of course, finding the perfect gift for every person on that very long list of yours. I’ll admit that I’m not necessarily the best or most original gifter in the world — I mean, what does one get one’s beloved father-in-law who neither wants nor needs anything? — […]

How to Fake Second-Day Hair

My hair is a sassy bugger, let me tell you. But, to be completely honest, I both love and hate that my hair is so finicky — as in, dry some days, flat on others, straightish and fine sometimes and wavy and thick-feeling the next minute — precisely because it’s given this beauty product junkie […]

How to Avoid Hat Hair

photographed by Cassandra Eldridge A winter perk is breaking out the cute hat collection, but what’s a girl to do when she has to remove the hat and confront the dreaded “hat hair” situation? Maritza Buelvas here, and I’ve developed a fun and easy technique for avoiding hat hair, keeping your hair in place from […]

Best Natural Beauty Brands

I’ll be completely honest with you: a die-hard chemical-eschewing natural-beauty maven I am not. After all, until recently, I was a full-time beauty editor, and trying out products (both natural and not) was in my job description. It simply wasn’t an option to decide to only sample chemical-free, paraben-free items. Plus, as a total beauty […]

Low Full Pony Tutorial

It’s one of the most common requests I get in the salon: “How to do I put my hair in a ponytail without it looking sloppy?” Martha Lynn here and I have great news for you — this is super easy and once you learn these quick tricks your ponytail will never feel boring again! […]

How to Look Awake

The summer sun is officially gone (well, not gone, but decidedly more elusive), the temperature has dropped, and our school/work schedules are officially in full swing. Fall is certainly an exciting time of year, but between the go-go pace and the chilly, overcast days, I admit that I’m having a harder time feeling energized these […]

Berry Lips

There’s just something about a berry stained pucker that screams drama! I must confess that I am crushing on the fall lip trends big time — especially these berry options. I love that you don’t need to do much else with your makeup when it comes to a bold lip and it is something you […]

Fall’s Best New Mascaras

If you’re like me, you usually slap on your mascara as the last step in your beauty routine without thinking twice. While we may swap out eyeshadows and lip products according to our moods and the changing seasons, mascara is one of those old faithful products that can remain static in our makeup bags once […]

From Flat to Full

When a new client is in my chair I always ask if there’s anything about their hair drives them crazy. Most everyone wants to go from frizzy to smooth or from flat to full — turns out we all want what we don’t have (sigh). This is important for me as a stylist because it […]

Decoder :: Fall Foundation Finder

I’ve never understood why women seem so hesitant to admit that they wear (and like!) foundation. In almost every beauty interview I read, the subject either denies wearing anything at all on her skin, or hesitantly admits to sporting tinted moisturizer or BB cream. (FYI: Most BB creams are essentially foundations with some bells and […]

Pretty Simple :: Updo for Short Hair

You did it. You cut your hair off and you’re loving it because it’s super healthy and sassy — but now you’re panicked that you can’t wear it up, ever. One of the biggest hair myths is that short hair can’t be worn up. Martha Lynn here, and I have some great news for you bob […]